Learn how to create different hand-made articles from your own hands

Learn how to create different hand-made articles from your own hands

Original children's hand-made articles made of buttonshands to do is not difficult. Such products are not only easy to manufacture, but also look great. They are durable and do not require special investment. And children and their parents can easily create a similar masterpiece. Children's handicrafts can be made from almost any material. The most common are colored paper and cardboard, as well as plasticine. They are most often used in creative work in kindergartens and schools. But why not take a slightly different direction as a basis. Both the child and parents will be happy to take up work. After all, something new is always interesting. So, let's try to make children's hand-made articles from buttons independently. Buttons have different size, shape, color. In each house there are certainly old, unnecessary things, in which these elements act as buckles. If necessary, we can buy several copies, which will not be very expensive.Children's hand-made articles made of buttons. Photo №1To work on hand-made articles we will need:

  • paper, cardboard or fabric;
  • Super glue;
  • scissors;
  • Other tools, such as threads, beads, needles (depending on the intended product).

As an idea for an artifact anyobject (picture, clock, frame, decoration, etc.). Let's start from the simplest. Let's try to make an original, exclusive frame for photography. You can take the finished product and decorate, or you can do it yourself. The principle is to decorate the frame itself with buttons. The edges are spread with glue and glue the buttons. With great pleasure, children will fulfill their assigned task. As a result, you will get the perfect product. An example look at the photo.Children's hand-made articles made of buttons. Photo # 2Very stylish and beautiful look and pictures ofbuttons. You can choose the simplest picture (image of a little animal, bird, caterpillar, cartoon hero) and paste it with buttons of the right colors. Both adults and children will be delighted with the process, and even more so from the result.Children's hand-made articles made of buttons. Picture №3Teaching crafts from buttonsThis kind of workwill help not only to instill in the child a love for work, for the beautiful, to develop the motility of the fingers, to learn the colors, but will also become a visual material for studying the alphabet, numbers, hours.Children's hand-made articles made of buttons. Photo №4On a dense sheet of cardboard we glue variousbuttons in the form of letters or numbers. In this case, neither size nor color does not matter. It all depends on the desire of the baby. The child will not only be interested, he immediately remembers the information received. The same applies to such a product as a clock. From the cardboard we cut a circle, an oval or a square at the discretion of the child. Mark where the numbers and arrows should be and glue buttons instead. Thus, the child will quickly learn new knowledge and will remember everything necessary. There are a lot of interesting things that you can make of buttons even with a small child. Beautiful crafts created by the hands of the baby will be his pride. And you can enjoy a joint creative process.