Learn how to create beautiful unique crafts for your garden and garden

Learn how to create beautiful unique crafts for your garden and garden

Original flower beds with their own hands make simpleand is accessible to everyone. They will become a real adornment of your garden. For the manufacture of this kind of crafts do not require large cash costs. Quite enough handy tools and a little bit of fantasy and desire. Each owner of the garden wants his site to be the most beautiful, attracted the attention of others and pleased the household with its attractiveness, uniqueness and riot of colors. What kind of garden can there be without flower beds and flower beds? The very presence of flowering plants of different kinds will create a beautiful ensemble. But the presence of colorful decorative elements made by yourself - this is the highlight that will bring its own shade and a special charm. To create your own creation you do not need to run around the shops in search of expensive materials. Suitable for almost everything that can be found in the garage or basement, what else has not got to the dump:

  • old car tires;
  • flower pots;
  • plastic bottles;
  • old ragged shoes;
  • unnecessary pots and other household items.

A little paint and a unique piece of art for the garden is ready.Garden flower beds with their own hands. Photo №1There are no limits to perfection. Especially if this perfection can be dazzled from everything that comes to hand. Therefore, any, even the most incredible idea, can be implemented. Here are just a few ideas for creating flowerbeds. A flower bed from a tire. The most common kind of flowerbed. The old tire is cut off a little from one edge. And fit into the prepared area. Inside, the required amount of land is filled. The tire itself can be painted as the savvy dictates. In this, even children will help you. We plant the plants and the flower bed is ready.Garden flower beds with their own hands. Photo # 2From more complex variants it is possible to offer an article in the form of a swan. For this, the tire must be cut and formed into a head and wings. Then paint with white paint.Garden flower beds with their own hands. Picture №3Flowerpot flowerblade For such an inventionYou will need a pot and wooden sticks (it is better to use bamboo). In the container we pour the soil so that it does not reach its edges (approximately, half). Then start to install the sticks. We pour the soil closer to them and further set the next edge in a spiral. It turns out a lot of longline mini flower beds, as it can be seen in the photo.Garden flower beds with their own hands. Photo №4Unconventional decoration of flower beds emphasizesthe originality of the owner of the dacha, his creative nature. Consequently, he will make a masterpiece of everything, even from dry branches, of their fallen trees. It is enough to collect the branches, weave them into a pile in the form of a nest, fix the resulting structure in a liked place and our flower bed is ready for use. It remains only to plant flowers or other ornamental plants and rejoice in the creation of their hands. One can find and apply in practice many subjects of making such hand-made articles for the garden, like flower beds. Something you can peek at neighbors, something on the Internet, add something of your own. And let it be the first time that everything goes as smoothly as we would like, but you can always change the product and change it. And the unsuccessful element is disguised by planted plants. In any case, the result will please you and surpass all expectations of your loved ones.