Learn to create your own compositions of paper flowers of various shapes and shapes

Learn to create your own compositions of paper flowers of various shapes and shapes

Paper flowers can be made with your own hands infor a short period of time. Only 20-30 minutes, the standard material and a wonderful addition to the gift or a small decor for the festive table will please with its beauty and eccentricity. The colors always attract attention. The variety of species and shades gives a unique feeling of joy and celebration. Regardless of whether living plants are artificial or artificial, they do not lose their attractiveness, especially if they are made with your own hands. If you wish, you can use any material that can be found in the house. Today we will talk about the colors of paper made by own hands. It will not take long. Yes, and the material and tools will need standard:

  • paper, napkins of different colors;
  • scissors, glue (it is better that it was a glue-pencil), toothpicks.

Flowers from paper with their own hands. Photo №1A few simple manipulations and excellentdecoration for the decoration of the gift you have ready. We make a small bulk flower. From napkins we cut out circles that will serve as petals, we do not need circles of ideal shape, you can cut them by eye. It is necessary to remember that the amount of petals depends on the number of petals, and, consequently, the beauty of the future product. So do not be lazy. Next, we separate the circles and form petals from them. To do this, it is necessary to apply a little glue on the edge of the part on one side and secure the paper. When the petals are ready, proceed to the base of the flower. From paper cut out a small circle (the size is almost the same as for the petals). At the edge of promazyvayem his glue and paste there petals in several rows.Flowers from paper with their own hands. Photo # 2Flowers from paper with their own hands. Picture №3The last stage is the core. From the napkin (you can take a thin paper) of another shade, cut out the strip and fold it in half along the entire length. On the one hand, we cut it, not cutting it to the end, to the bend (it should look like a kind of fringe). On the toothpick, wind the resulting detail rather tightly, gradually weakening the tension slightly. Straighten the core and carefully. In order not to tear, we remove from toothpicks. We glue it in the middle of the flower. Everything is ready.Flowers from paper with their own hands. Photo №4Thus, you can make severalcopies and create a real floral composition. This is just one of the options for making paper flowers. You can create wonderful bouquets of roses or lilies, chamomiles and tulips. As in the previous case, the product does not require special monetary costs and a lot of free time. You can attract children to the creative process. They will like to create similar masterpieces, do something new with their own hands. This will give them a sense of importance, instill love for beauty, teach you how to handle paper and glue. In the presented photos you can see possible variants of crafts in the form of flowers from paper, but this is not the limit to perfection. Each person can come up with his "little branch" and create a unique masterpiece. A little desire and imagination and a wonderful hand-crafted article will please you and your associates.Flowers from paper with their own hands. Photo №5