Learn to create your image with crocheted crocheted shawls, schemes will help in the work

Learn to create your image with crocheted crocheted shawls, schemes will help in the work

Crochet original shawls, detailedschemes will make the work easier, requires the needleworker to be assiduous and unusual patience. Many people undertake such work. Less experienced knitters choose simple schemes. This selection of schemes is designed for those needlewomen who want to work with complex motifs. Fashion Trends of Knitting Many people dream of replenishing their wardrobe with an openwork shawl with an interesting pattern. To create a cozy atmosphere for your body in the cold season, it is enough to tie a one-colored openwork shawl. Thanks to the choice of a large motive, such a product looks irresistible. It keeps you warm and does not lose your irresistibility. However, for wearing on cool summer evenings, I want to create something compelling. The proposed shawl schemes enable each patient needlewoman to create a creation that looks like a spider web. Flower motifs on shawls look so aesthetic that they can not leave all women indifferent. Here you will find patterns of knitted crochet shawls with motifs of chamomiles. The intertwining of snow-white colors makes such products weightless and fascinating.Crochet crocheted shawls in chamomile, detailed outline. Photo №1The shawl in daisies fills the image with many features:

  • ease;
  • romanticism;
  • efficiency;
  • elegance.

Correctly matched thread and product sizeallows you to visually draw the figure, hide its shortcomings. Black shawls belong to the eternal classics. Red versions are suitable for creating a romantic image. However, these colors are not suitable for tying chamomiles. When knitting on the schemes placed here it is better to use white yarn or combine white petals with yellow centers. Such an accessory will always be fashionable and irresistible. The work of the craftsman will be greatly facilitated by the scheme of manufacturing the elements and their assembling. It should be noted that chamomile motifs of shawls are absolutely not suitable for wearing it in combination with winter clothes. This shawl is great for creating a spring and summer image, unless, of course, it's not a sportswear style. Basically, here are assembled circuits, the following designations on which allows you to associate a product that perfectly emphasizes the figure.Crochet crocheted shawls in chamomile, detailed outline. Photo # 2Crochet crocheted shawls in chamomile, detailed outline. Picture №3

  • For full women it is desirable, when tying out individual elements, to collect them into longitudinal strips, to choose a yarn of muffled tone.
  • For all types of shapes, it is important that the edge of the shawl does not lie on problematic areas. Guided by the scheme, you can add additional rows to the process of knitting and fitting.

Knitting chamomiles in unnatural white flowers -a desperate experiment with the right to exist. Bright dense yarn allows you to balance the figure. Despite the use of floral motifs, according to the scheme in the photo, it can be seen that the shawl is made in a classic semi-circular format. An unusual floral, compositional solution can be supplemented with brushes.Crochet crocheted shawls in chamomile, detailed outline. Photo №4Large flowers and abundant fringe are the bestan ornament for experienced craftsmen. It is only necessary to start to tie one flower after another, as imperceptibly in hands there will be a fine shawl perfectly combined with day and evening dress.