Learn how to decorate your house with paintings and panels from autumn leaves created by yourself

Learn how to decorate your house with paintings and panels from autumn leaves created by yourself

Colorful paintings and panels from autumn leaves,created by their own hands, are an excellent decoration of any interior. For the living room or for the children's room, for the kitchen or bedroom, you can independently make an exclusive decor element that pleases everyone with its eccentricity, cheapness and reminding of the warm bright autumn. Autumn is a golden time, giving us a riot of colors, enclosed in colorful autumn leaves and flowers. Of course, everyone tries to enjoy the last sunny days, strolling through the forest or park. Have you seen beautiful flowers or sheets of trees of an unusual shade? Do not rush past, but collect them in a bouquet, which in the aftermath turn into a wonderful picture. To create such a work of art you do not need to spend money. Just need a little attention, imagination and free time. To the panel or picture turned out beautiful and did not fall apart, you need to dry the material properly. Leaves and flowers must be collected in dry sunny weather. Dry better between pages of books, and from above place a heavy press. The drying process is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Such material will make it easy to make pictures, such as these Pictures and panels from autumn leaves. Photo №1 Pictures and panels from autumn leaves. Photo # 2 Pictures and panels from autumn leaves. Picture №3 Making paintings from leaves, branches and flowers To work on the picture you need:

  • Natural material (dried fragments of different plants)
  • Cardboard of good density - for a basis of a picture
  • Scissors, tweezers, glue, blade, brush

Consider the technology of creating a picture, which will be an ideal decoration for the children's room. Pictures and panels from autumn leaves. Photo №4

  • Like any other landscape of leaves and flowers, it needs to be glued from the top down.
  • First glue the sky and the river. To get the sky, the sheet should be placed at an angle. For the river, the sheet is glued horizontally.
  • The next step will be the distant shore. You will need leaves in pastel colors (raspberry leaves on the back, rose petals or peonies).
  • We take green leaves, which serve as hills on the second shore.
  • The house is created as follows: first you need to glue the walls, and only then the roof and windows.
  • Now near our house glue trees. As a crown suitable for various dry herbs. As the trunks can serve as fragments of birch bark or peel of bananas.
  • The finishing touch is sheaves, small bushes, a fence.

The design of the product can be arbitrary. It can be enclosed in a frame under the glass or protective film. In doing so, it should be remembered that in no case should such a work be hung in direct sunlight. It will simply burn out and lose its attractiveness. As a result, we will get the finished product. You can create your own masterpiece, which will ideally suit the interior of your house or use hints.