Learn to make beautiful and useful products for the garden and the garden with their own hands.

Learn to make beautiful and useful products for the garden and the garden with their own hands.

Creative hand-made articles for the garden will be made by own handsin the overall design of the territory a kind of harmony and aesthetics. To achieve the goal you will not need impressive cash outlay. It's enough just to show sharpness and use the most usual unnecessary, at first glance, things. To date, handmade products have become very popular, regardless of their destination. In particular, this applies to hand-made articles for garden areas. After all, not a single person is fed with bread (in our case, vegetables and fruits). Designing also plays an important role in human life. And who can more creatively approach the issue, than the master himself. It will take just a bit of fantasy and decorative decoration or a very useful attribute will become the pride of your possessions. To create crafts, almost all improvised tools will do:

  • empty plastic bottles;
  • glass jars;
  • polyethylene film;
  • decorative rock;
  • old car tires;
  • logs, pallets and much more.

There are many ideas that can be implementedeveryone who wants. One of them is a decorative mini-pond. Few people know that it is possible to make a real decorative pond from an ordinary old tire and a piece of polyethylene, which will serve as an excellent decoration of the entire garden area. Armed with a shovel, a sharp knife and the desire to make something original, you can start working. First, you need to prepare a small groove in the ground, so that you can put a part of the tire there. Its upper edges are slightly cut off. Then we take the polyethylene film prepared beforehand and cover the bottom of our future pond so that the edges extend beyond the edge of the tire. Gently wrap the polyethylene. Further we carry out finishing works.Crafts for the garden with their own hands. Photo №1As a decoration you can use decorative stone, natural stone, wood. Everything depends on the desire and availability of this or that material.Crafts for the garden with their own hands. Photo # 2As decorative crafts very interestingthere will be ideas for making different birds, animals from multi-colored plastic bottles. Almost all of them are in stock. But not everyone knows that from the material used you can create real masterpieces. Such as you see in the photo. Eggs from cactiCrafts for the garden with their own hands. Picture №3It will look original enoughgarden lawn and hedgehogs of round prickly cactus. It is enough to make two hills out of the ground and plant cacti on them (they need to be planted tightly so that they sit closely next to each other). As a muzzle of a hedgehog, you can use an empty plastic bottle or a log, turned to the right size. Eyes can be painted with paint. It turns out a small cactus flower bed in an ideal design. In order for the garden to shine with new colors and shades, you can use almost everything - right down to the old galoshes. Bring the children to the creative process, and they will submit a lot of absolutely new ideas for joint creativity. With a minimum of imagination, ordinary things will turn, as if by magic, into wonderful crafts, works of art created by oneself. It is these elements that will give your garden its originality and exclusivity.Crafts for the garden with their own hands. Photo №4