Learn how to make original decor elements - garlands of paper with your own hands.

Learn how to make original decor elements - garlands of paper with your own hands.

Garlands of paper with their own hands to do absolutelyjust. It is enough to pick up paper, thread, glue and make some effort and beautiful decoration for the holiday will be ready. Many of these products can be made even by children with a little help from adults. Most people, for some reason, believe that garlands, from which they were made, serve as a purely New Year decoration. This is not true. They will be an excellent attribute for any festive event. One of the most common types are paper garlands. As you know, paper is a universal material, from which you can do anything: book covers, bookmarks, flowers and even locks from a fairy tale. Therefore, this element of decor is absolutely easy to create. It is especially desirable at the birthday or children's holidays.Paper garlands by hand. Photo №1Garlands can be made voluminous or not. It all depends on your desire, patience and having free time. In any case, making them will be fun, especially with children. The simplest of them is a chain.Paper garlands by hand. Photo # 2 You will need:

  • colored paper (also suitable for gift wrapping paper);
  • scissors, glue.

Paper is cut into strips of the same length and width. We glue the first strip into the ringlet. Next, we glue the strips, passing them through the previous ring so that the chain turns out. It is possible to make an ornament of one color or multi-colored. We choose the length ourselves. More complex products also look very nice as decor. They can be hung both vertically and horizontally. For elements of crafts, choose any figures: balls, flowers, flags, hearts and so on. How it looks in the end can be seen in the photo. An interesting option with the use of snowflakes.Paper garlands by hand. Picture №3 A large number of cut themselvesSnowflakes should be secured with a thin line or a nylon thread. If such items are hung vertically in large quantities, it will turn out very nicely and in an original way. The whole product will resemble snowfall right in your house. This garland will be a wonderful decor for the New Year holidays. Bright and extraordinary will look and garland of bright colored ribbons, made by themselves.Paper garlands by hand. Photo №4 Required:

  • colored paper of different shades;
  • strong thread;
  • scissors (possibly glue);
  • sewing machine.

Color paper is cut to the same sizestrips. For convenience, a piece of paper should be folded in half. The next step is fixing strips to the thread. In the chosen sequence we fasten the strips one by one. This is where you will need a sewing machine. With its help, the workflow is somewhat accelerated. If you can not sew, or if you do not have a machine, there is no harm. To fix all details it is possible and by means of usual glue. However, in this case, you will need a little more time to create jewelry. When using a finished product, the resulting thread can be twisted to create an effect of volumetricity. You can talk about garlands for a very long time. The principle of their almost identical in all options - the fastening of individual elements on a common basis. Whatever idea you do not like, try to involve children in the process and then the work will become more exciting and fun.