Learn to make simple and complex patterns of different patterns and styles of dresses in the floor

Learn to make simple and complex patterns of different patterns and styles of dresses in the floor

Patterns of different models of dresses in the floor are relevantfor all women who love the individuality in everything, in particular in clothing. Sewing dresses excludes the possibility of repeating them, and the length will suit a girl with any type of figure. A little effort and an amazing outfit is ready. Very many representatives of the better half of humanity prefer dresses that have a maxi length. Regardless of whether it is an outfit or an evening dress, it has a unique charm and carries a certain mystery. In addition, any figure can choose its own version of the model, which will emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings. Make sure the popularity of dresses in the floor is easy, just pay attention to passing girls and shop windows. If you want your dress to be exclusive, then it's best to sew it yourself, in which, of course, you will be helped by the patterns of dresses on the floor. Preliminary sewing rules:

  • first you need to choose a dress model;
  • to think over individual details and draw a sketch;
  • take measurements and make a pattern on paper;
  • the process of sewing a dress.

Before building any pattern, the following measurements must be taken:

  • length of future product;
  • length of back (measured from the base of the neck to the waist);
  • chest circumference and above the breast (half);
  • circumference of the hips and waist (half);
  • neck circumference (half);
  • length from shoulder to neck.

Be sure to carefully consider the choicetissue. If your goal - sewing a summer dress, it is better to give preference to natural materials (chiffon, silk, linen, chintz). The product will be light, comfortable and comfortable even in the hottest weather. A pattern of dresses in the floor with a smell and draperyThis is one of the variants of a maxi dress, differing for its originality. This dress combines the favorite length, erotic smell and unusual drapery. Pattern look at the photo.Patterns of different models of dresses in the floor. Photo №1Patterns of different models of dresses in the floor. Photo # 2Patterns of different models of dresses in the floor. Picture №3Even if you do not have special sewing skills, andNew clothes are very desirable, you can sew a simple summer sundress of thin chiffon (or any other fabric that you like) in just an hour and a half. Dress-sarafan in the floorPatterns of different models of dresses in the floor. Photo №4The construction of a long dress-sarafan pattern is a rectangle. It does not have to be applied to paper first, you can immediately draw on a piece of cloth.Patterns of different models of dresses in the floor. Photo №5Its width should be equal to the label of the width of the hips,multiplied by 1.7. The size of the measure from the waist to the floor + 25 cm is the length of the pattern. There are no sutures on the sides in this sarafan model. There is one seam on the back. The product is cut taking into account the allowances (1 cm). In case the material you selected is too thin and transparent, it is necessary to sew a sundress using two layers of fabric. Layers are superimposed one on one and are sewn together, as in the case with a single-layered version. The process of sewing a dress with a length of maxi

  • The upper part of the product is tucked and zigzag stitch.
  • At the top edge of the product, as well as slightly above the waist (given the marking), rubber veins are attached.
  • The lower part of the sarafan is turned and, like in the case with the upper part, it is squashed with a zigzag.

As with any other outfit, you candecorate it on your own. For this purpose, different sticks, buttons, ribbons and bows are perfect. An interesting option will be the use of bound or sewn flowers, lace decor elements. It all depends on your taste and wishes.