Learn to knit two-color scheme, and choose the patterns

Learn to knit two-color scheme, and choose the patterns


Exterior knitwear depends on the choiceneedlewomen quality thread, on their personal skills, as well as from the scheme. Get a huge variety of spectacular reliefs manages with the help of knitting many kinds of loops, as well as their combination with each other. Additionally, there is a technique for forming patterns using a cloth knitted of thread of two or more colors. Follow the knitting yarn of different colors on the instructions of the circuit, and you will be able to form a spectacular two-tone patterns spokes on the knitted fabric. Using the technique of forming two-color patterns, needlewoman can link things stylish in the most simple canvas, executed front embroidery. In the photo below you can see an example of the pattern on the front surface of related threads of two colors. In this case the pattern formed on the circuit. you can independently select the picture that you like to create such a simple scheme.

In order to make such a self-made scheme to the web, you need to master the method of performing a two-color pattern. This opportunity you get, studying all the photos and videos for this lesson.

Types of loops in two-color knitting patterns

Beginners needle women can be advisedtwo-tone pattern tie spokes with smooth fabric, that is, the front surface of. This web is performed exclusively facial loop (LP) and the back loops (SP). In this case, you just need the right to alternate dates at the moment thread color. alternation Admission will depend on what kind of image you want. It may be just a point or other small relief.
Drawing on a photo is lazyjacquard, which most primitive and simple circuits. Lazy Jacquard is most often used for knitting children's clothes spokes. But maybe you do not need a point and the horizontal or vertical stripes, while the alternation will be completely different. Having mastered the simple technique, proceed to more complex patterns, such as geometric shapes, then snowflakes, reindeer and herringbone. It should be noted that two color patterns not only knitting needles alternating colors, but also with different loops. This may be the LP and SP, the use of machinery nakida shot loop (P), and broaches. Experienced seamstresses often knitting needles such motifs using more sophisticated techniques, such as broaches, crossed and displaced loops.

Two-tone patterns for children

If you look closely at the two-tone theme,
, It is not always possible to determine for anyage they are more suitable. Most of the two-color motifs are absolutely suitable for both adults and children. If you need to choose a color pattern for a baby, you probably refer to the schemes of two-color patterns spokes. Make the choice of motive needles for children is much easier than for adults, because young citizens fits most shades, as well as many drawings colored yarn. Distinction is made only according to the sex and age of the child. For infants and children under the age of ten years, it is necessary to take the yarn is very bright colors. As for the older children, they will approach the colorful, but more restrained drawings. Choosing pattern with needles for boys, it is necessary to focus on the subject, it is suitable to them, as in the photo.

For little princesses will approach the bright pink and blue shades and patterns of flowers.

Beginners can offer the craftswomena simple embodiment of a two-color children's drawings. He is knitting alternating rows of the two strands of different colors. Knit different thread in the odd and even rows, and we have obtained the stripe forming the two-tone pattern, which looks quite original. Experienced handy to consider these simple strips too primitive, it is possible to offer a more elaborate scheme. She is taken in the formation of loops performed periodically through the same distance. The second method is knitting crossed loops that adorn the great winter sweaters and hats for children, make them warm and bulky. In this case, the thread group is changed after the two rows of the back and the facial forming original volume and relief of the web.

At the conclusion of this lesson, the proposed videomaster class on knitting needles of two-color pattern for children. The scheme contains 14 series, two of which support and 12 comprise vertical rapport. Horizontal rapport motive has six loops. Repeat steps tutorial videos to get the experience of forming two-color motif needles. Video: Simple children's pattern

Patterns for Adults

In contrast to the figures spoke for childrentwo-tone patterns for adults tally with colored threads quieter and subdued colors. Typically for this purpose are selected diagrams showing geometric shapes. It can be a form of spider veins associated with needles in the form of diamonds and other geometrical figures, plaits and braids.

As seen in the accompanying photo, two-color patternsrun the light and dark threads, but without a flashy brightness. It should be noted an important feature of the two-color patterns, which are formed by alternating colors for rows. The fact that they are schematic drawings often do not coincide with the pattern which emerges on the product. Often, each new combination circuit generates a two-tone pattern, which is quite unexpected for you.

Video: Learn to knit patterns of two colors