Learn how to knit beautiful items with a "braid" pattern using patterns and detailed descriptions

Learn how to knit beautiful items with a "braid" pattern using patterns and detailed descriptions

Schemes and descriptions of the "braid" pattern associated withknitting needles in a huge assortment. Despite the apparent complexity of the work, nothing particularly terrible in their knitting is not. A little patience and a beautiful pattern will decorate any knitted product, in particular a cardigan, a sweater or ordinary gloves of a baby. The "braid" pattern has appeared long ago. It was the decoration of the fishermen's sweaters of Ireland. Gradually, all needlewomen of the world began to use it in their products, adding something new and extraordinary. To date, there are many options for the execution of pigtails:

  • simple;
  • three-dimensional;
  • wide;
  • fantasy, and so on.

The needlewomen who are just starting to learnThe basics of mastery and learn all the subtleties of working with knitting needles, often choose more simple drawings. And it is right. Filling a hand on simple pigtails, no complicated scheme will not be terrible, and products with such a picture will be the real pride of the master. Schemes "braid" with descriptions All the patterns of "braid", their kinds, are knitted according to the same principle - the movement of a part of the loops relative to the knitted fabric. Simple "pigtails" can be connected by each girl who knows how to hold spokes in her hands. Thus, it is easy to make an ordinary sweater or jacket more attractive and interesting. Also, the pattern will look great and on such simple things as socks, gloves, mittens. Below in the diagram you can see some variants of interlacing simple "braids". A more complex variant of the pattern is "Royal Spit"Patterns and descriptions of the pattern Very nice looks warm knitted dress,volumetric sweater with such a pattern. Yes, and for men's things, it is also suitable, especially for sweaters made in a sports style. "Fantasy Scythes" Such a pattern is ideal for all lovers of original designs. Any model, regardless of whether it is female or male, will look very impressive and unique. You can make a product with such a pattern from any kind of yarn and in any color solution. Below see the diagrams and pictures of this type of braid, as well as diagrams with descriptions of various other types of this unique, always actual pattern.Patterns and descriptions of the pattern Patterns and descriptions of the pattern Patterns and descriptions of the pattern "Spit", whatever species they are associated with,make any kind of product exclusive, whether it's a sweater, a dress, men's models or children's hats, scarves, socks or gloves. They can easily be combined with other patterns and type of binding. Elegantly this pattern looks in tandem with openwork patterns. At the same time the product is light, airy, and at the same time, it becomes elegant, slightly weighted. Using the proposed schemes, each needlewoman can modify them somewhat. Add some of your features, a stroke in the form of an additional binding or adding an element of another pattern. Everything in the hands of the master depends on his imagination and imagination. A little patience, time and a maximum of desire, and, also, so fascinating and unordinary design, will allow you to create a unique model of clothes or a smart warm blanket that will please your beauty and warm in cold weather.