Learn to knit beautiful non-ordinary children's toys with crochet by means of charts and descriptions

Learn to knit beautiful non-ordinary children's toys with crochet by means of charts and descriptions

Knitting colorful children's crochet toys, schemesand the descriptions of which contribute to the simplicity of work, a very fascinating occupation. It will take attention and patience to create them, but the result will surpass all expectations, and will please not only the master, but also the kids for whom the product is created. Every beginner and practicing knitter, after seeing the toys crocheted, falls in love with them from the first seconds. From such beauty awakens unprecedented enthusiasm. I want to start without delay, to take up the hook and impose all kinds of little men, little animals, colorful pupae.Knitting crochet toys, charts and descriptions. Photo №1In tying out different seals, horses, bunnies, you need to observe care and perseverance, then you will get a simple and charming toy at the same time.Knitting crochet toys, charts and descriptions. Photo # 2Today I want to offer a selection of descriptions for knitting a circus artist - a pony horse (see photo).Knitting crochet toys, charts and descriptions. Picture №3Simple schemes allow you to avoid major mistakes. Guide to action To unleash a sweet pony, you will need a hook number 4 and woolen threads of different shades:

  • white;
  • beige;
  • pink;
  • the remnants of blue.

In addition, you need to stock up on red clothfor making a rose - an accessory for a bridle, two shimmering buttons for the eyes, a bright ribbon, for finishing the tail, a soft filler, a needle to collect the details. The head, neck and trunk separately (in circular rows). To produce the legs you need 4 identical parts, for the ears - 2. For the main parts of the body, white yarn is used, which includes merino wool and alpaca in an equal percentage. Beige shade of the same yarn is used to unearth hooves. Pink yarn of 100% wool is suitable for making mane and tail. These elements along with a bridle of blue yarn are performed during the assembly of all the details. Below are suggested schemes with detailed description of the manufacture of each part.Knitting crochet toys, charts and descriptions. Photo №4 Knitting the head starts with a set of two loops. Technique - circular rows of columns without a crochet. In the first row, the number of loops increases to 6, in the second row - to 12, in the second row - to 12, in the eighth - to 18, in the tenth - to 24. From 11 rows the loops are reduced so that in 15 rows there are 15, in 16 - 12, in 17 - 6 loops. The body is knitted in the same way as the head, with a gradual recruitment and reduction of the loops. A detailed description of this element in the diagram.Knitting crochet toys, charts and descriptions. Photo №5For the neck, 18 air loops are recruited. It is enough to connect 9 circular rows. Each of the main elements is separately stuffed with cotton. All parts are pinned to each other with a pin and sewn on. The legs are knitted from hoofs, so first you need to take the beige yarn, from the fifth circular row go to a white shade. At the end of the last row of knitting, the thread is fixed. Legs are stuffed with filler and sewn. In order for the toy to turn out bright and attractive, it's better to make a mane and tail to take bright shades of pink. The tail is made as simple as possible. First you need to prepare 15 pieces, each length is 26cm. All the threads are folded and in the center are knotted. The tail is sewn to the trunk at the site of the knot. For a bright decor, a beautiful ribbon is tied over the knot. Blanks for bangs and manes are stretched in the hinges of the trunk. A crocheted horse will please every child. After all, the fruits of handmade work are always exclusive and masterpiece!