Learn to knit crochet flowers for decorating items, schemes for beginners are simple

Learn to knit crochet flowers for decorating items, schemes for beginners are simple

Knitting Crochet Flowers - Schemes for Beginnersabsolutely not difficult - an exciting and entertaining activity. Such small items will be a wonderful decoration for any element of the wardrobe, napkins, blankets or children's pinets. Crocheting has come to the modern world since ancient times. Such products made by needlewomen have always been admired and exclusive. With the help of a hook and thread, you can associate an element of decor, decoration, various clothes, tablecloths and blankets, and even home shoes. You will need:

  • threads of different shades;
  • hook (according to the thread select the desired hook number).

Any knitted article, especially if it is an elementclothes for girls, it is desirable to decorate. For this purpose, the flower-bound flower is perfect. Knitting Patterns For beginners who know the basics of working with a crochet, one does not have to immediately start working on complex elements. It is enough to use several simple schemes to connect a large number of different flowers. It should be remembered that the schemes are read from the bottom up. And not vice versa. In the photo below you can see the symbols necessary to decode the circuit. Virtually all of the benefits they have the same value.Crochet crochet - schemes for beginners. Photo №1The presented schemes are quite simple. Using the first, you will be able to connect the discreet florets in one layer, in the middle you can sew beads (the original decoration of the pinets). Flowers bound in three tiers with the addition of green leaves are suitable for decorating dresses, blouses, headbands.Crochet crochet - schemes for beginners. Photo # 2Crochet crochet - schemes for beginners. Picture №3Crochet crochet - schemes for beginners. Photo №4So, initially we wind the thread on the indexfinger. Then you need to grab the thread (main) and make a loop. The ring that we got is removed from the finger. The next step is to bind the first row of our future flower. We make three air rings and a column without a crochet. It turns out a small arch. We need to make five such arches. The next step. Tighten the ring with the help of a less long edge of the thread (pull for it). Proceed to the next row. We send one column without a crochet, five bars with a crochet, one column without a crochet in each of the arches. The final step of a single-layered flower will be the tying of each of the resulting petals by tying the columns without the crochet. As already mentioned, you can leave the product in this form, and you can make it more magnificent and add one or more layers. In order to do this, you need to turn the product around and place the column of the first row in a crochet. We stretch the thread, we get a loop. We make a chain (five air loops) and grab the second column without a crochet. Repeat the action 5 times. As a result, we get 5 arches. We knit the petals. One arch - one column without a crochet, ten columns with a crochet, one column without a crochet. Just like the first layer, we tie all the petals. If you decide to make a few more layers, we sew them the same way as the previous ones. In each layer, the number of loops naturally increases. If desired, you can tie green leaves on the reverse side. The procedure is fairly easy. Knit three arches, each consisting of fifteen loops, which must be joined together. We send in them thirty columns with a cuff and we tie them, like the flowers themselves, with columns without a crochet. The product is ready. It can be supplemented with beads or bindweed. Also, you can use other schemes to create your flower composition.Crochet crochet - schemes for beginners. Photo №5Such decorations will bring a unique shade and make any clothes unique and exclusive.