Learning to crochet warm socks, using proty and available schemes, photos and instructions for beginners

Learning to crochet warm socks, using proty and available schemes, photos and instructions for beginners

Master-class for beginners in crochetsocks Such a wardrobe, like socks, is peculiar to wear to everyone: adults and children, women and men. In the cold season, knitted socks are especially popular due to their heat-saving properties. Most of us buy socks in a store or on the market. But, as a rule, good things have a high price, which not everyone can afford, and low-quality socks not only will not warm your feet, but can also cause an allergic skin reaction. It is much better to master the knitting of socks with your own hands. Such a thing will be more qualitative, and more stylish, and cheaper. Socks are knitted not only with knitting needles, but also with crochet. Our master class will prove that it is not difficult and takes a little time. Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Photo №1 Before the very beginning of knitting, you needDetermine the choice of the hook. Here a lot means the thickness of knitting and yarn (yarn). In the proposed version, we stopped at hook # 5. The socks will be quite dense, even if they knit "loose". Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Photo # 2 A good way to knit socks isjacquard, when the thread is threaded inside the sbn (a column without a cloak). Advantages of this method are obvious: it is possible to change the color, connecting patterns, the product does not thicken in the end. Knitting socks starts from the top. On the hook, dial 42 in (air loops) and form a circle around the jacquard. The diagonals shown in the illustration are formed independently. After you see that the height of the sock is already sufficient, go to work on the heel of our product. Dividing the canvas into two parts, is tied to the height of the heel with turning rows. Next, we do the same with knitting with knitting needles: we separate the hinges of the heel into 3 parts, after which we knit the middle, seizing the hinges of this part in parallel with the loops of the side parts. Having finished with the knitting of the heel, go to knitting the sock in a circle. If you want the thing to come to you in time, do not forget to try it on in the process of knitting more often. When you finish knitting at the desired length, gradually cut the fabric. To this end, make the division into 2 parts and on both sides of each row, tie a column with a cloak of 3 pillars. Similarly, tie the second sock. Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Picture №3 Another simple way to crochet socks. For this option, we used 200 grams of yarn (color at your discretion) and a hook of the 6th size. Start with knitting with a 5-inch chain. Further we move from the toe in the direction upwards. For lifting, perform in the first row and twelve rows with a ring. In the next row, from each eyelet of the preceding row, tie two columns. In the third and fourth row, add one bar across each loop. The fifth row is fastened one by one from the loops of the preceding row. The next fifteen rows (6-20) are tied, just like the fifth. In the next (21-m) row of eyelets in a circle are divided into two halves. With the help of a half, a chain is knit from one half. Having passed half the loops in the 22nd row, we will continue knitting. Following the scheme of the fifth row, we knit 23 and 24 rows, after which we pass to the heel. Starting the first row, tie one column with space for a heel above the column of the previous row. For the next row, bend the pillars without cloaks, removing in the corners two eyelets from 2 sides. Orienting to the scheme of the second row, we knit the next seven rows (from the 3rd to the 9th). We fasten the four columns of the 10th row with a string. In the same way we knit a second sock and wear them with pleasure. Another option is crochet socks. We will make socks the thirty-eighth size. For this we need:

  • yarn from natural fibers;
  • hook size three.

Stages of crochet socks: 1. We knit the front part of the sock. Knitting begins with a large toe, around which we wind the thread. A circle is formed, into which eight RLS are to be linked. Then we tighten the thread. Then continue the spiral knitting. In the first row, we tie two bars into each loop of the previous row (total - sixteen bars). In the second row, make three bars, in the subsequent loop we sew two bars (total - twenty bars). Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Photo №4 In the third row - create four bars, inthe next loop - two bars (total - twenty-four bars). The fourth row is tying two bars and two bars into the next loop. In the fifth row, we make three columns with two bars in the next loop after them (in total - forty posts). We knit ten rows. Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Photo №5 Middle of the sock. Then add on the sides of the product loops: we tie 2 bars in a loop from the previous row; we make nineteen bars; then again two bars in the loop of the previous row and again nineteen bars. Similar additions need to be done 3 times, alternating them in each 5-th row (total - forty-eight posts). Then you need to try on the sock. If necessary, reduce or add loops. After that it is necessary to tie a length that would correspond to the length of the foot (about sixteen centimeters). Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Photo №6 We knit a heel. Knitting the heel of the future sock is divided into 2 parts. First we make twenty-four bars at the bottom of the foot. Then turn the knitting and create another twenty-four RLS. Then leave unbroken one column at the beginning of each row until there are twelve posts. We make the data twelve columns and start making additions: one initial loop in each row. The addition is made until you reach the number of twenty-four loops. Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Photo №7 We knit the upper part of the sock. Then we knit in a circle evenly. We make five rows, hooking the hinges at the back. We cut the thread and hide it. The seams on the sides of the heel are made using a hook, or we sew by means of a needle. Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Photo №8 Warm beautiful socks for beginners. Photo Number 9