Learn to knit various patterns of shawls crocheted. Schemes will make the work simple

Learn to knit various patterns of shawls crocheted. Schemes will make the work simple

Knitting various kinds of shawls crocheted, patternsmodels simplify the workflow, attracts almost all needlewomen. And all due to the fact that this thing can give the female image expressiveness, coquettishness, unconstrained ease. The schemes, which have been described here, allow creating different types of shawls:

  • lightweight products suitable for summer walks;
  • classic options for everyday wear;
  • elegant shawls using a variety of techniques adorn the evening image;
  • Warm wool models warm in cold weather.

Shawls according to schemes - a suitable solution for allhandicrafts Any shawl bound by the proposed schemes will allow women to shine at a holiday without changing office attire. Even the most modest dress looks chic, if a white shawl is thrown on its shoulders. A shawl made of white threads, which includes mohair, wool and viscose in a percentage ratio of 40x40x20, resembles the first snow in ready-made form. This product is so light and airy that you do not even want to take it off your shoulders. When using such a yarn, it is better to use the crochet number 2. Often when knitting shawls for crocheting in the cold season, Troitsk yarn is used, which has a 100% wool composition. When using such a thread, you can use various patterns that resemble shells or leaves. See the photo below.Knitting various kinds of shawls, schemes. Photo №1For women of high stature with lush figuresbest suited shawl, uniquely combining round motifs of different sizes. You can knit, as a monophonic composition, and with the use of different color solutions. Everything depends on taste preferences. Bright yarn can refresh the image. The main thing is that the chosen color of the yarn should be as close as possible to the face.Knitting various kinds of shawls, schemes. Photo # 2Visually make a slender figure allows a shawlwith square elements. The proposed schemes show how to correctly place squares. Separately described recommendations for the selection of the type and color of the thread, the technique of knitting whole and semi-squares. The main thing is to observe the correctness of colors when connecting ready-made elements, just use the diagram proposed in the diagram.Knitting various kinds of shawls, schemes. Picture №3Knitting various kinds of shawls, schemes. Photo №4In the choice of color, each needlewoman relies onyour taste. However, in this case there are general recommendations. For shawls, which will wear a full lady, it is better to use threads of neutral colors. Too dark or too bright yarn makes the silhouette heavier. Ungainly dark shawls look at women of small stature. It is better for women to knit a shawl larger than 200 cm in the main line, since it is possible to wear a non-free socks and drape it around the neck. Free wearing is perfect for women with a full waist. Basically shawls for plump ones should not contain a small ornament. Small floral ornaments perfectly adorn a slim figure. Full women are better guided by schemes with large elements. Do not overdo it with a combination of shades, for a large shawl it's enough to use no more than five basic shades. Otherwise, the product will get oversaturated colors, they lose the main theme of the picture.