Learn to knit the original openwork napkins crochet. Schemes for beginners are simple.

Learn to knit the original openwork napkins crochet. Schemes for beginners are simple.

Knitting crocheted napkins, charts forbeginners are very simple, a favorite occupation of all needlewomen. After all, these simple things will not leave anyone indifferent, due to their sophistication and will become a real decoration of the interior. Airiness of the product gives comfort and warmth to any dwelling. Even our grandmothers crocheted the amazing beauty of lace and napkins, which then pleased with their gentle drawing for more than one generation. Experienced craftsmen manage to create real pictures in a normal napkin. But, if you do not know the skill of crochet technology at the proper level, then it's better to start with a simple drawing. Thus, you will fill your hand. If you choose a more complex option, there is a chance that, with the slightest difficulty, you will simply lose interest in the work. Beginning to knit a napkin crochet:

  • choose a simple scheme of the product of any shape and size you like;
  • we take the yarn, cotton 100% or iris is best suited, acrylic yarns are also used;
  • select the hook. Its size depends on the thickness of the thread - the thinner the thread, the thinner the tool. This is a very important point. If the hook is not correctly selected, the product will not look as it should;
  • whichever picture is chosen for the product,The initial rows always match in the same way. Initially, knit air loops, the amount depends on the chosen pattern. With a greater density of the pattern, it is enough to type five loops, if the pattern is airy-eight;
  • we connect the loops, the first and the last, with a half-column. In the same way, all the rows and individual elements, if any, are joined together in knitting;
  • the first row: we sew three air loops and, with the help of columns without cords, we tie a ring of air loops;
  • second row: we knit a chain of five air loops, from the half-column we unfasten two columns with a crochet, a column with a crochet and two air loops.

In order to proceed to the basic workflow, we need to select a scheme. Each scheme consists of symbols. The main ones are presented below.Knitting napkins crochet, schemes for beginners. Photo №1We offer several variants of simple openworknapkins, with knitting which even the beginning needlewoman can cope with. Uncomplicated motives will not allow you to waste a lot of time and, nevertheless, as a result, you will get a beautiful product. Napkin openwork with flowers. Very simple and original variant, which does not require much experience or skills. You will need knowledge of the basics of crochet techniques, free time and, of course, your desire.Knitting napkins crochet, schemes for beginners. Photo # 2Knitting napkins crochet, schemes for beginners. Picture №3Multicolored simple napkinsYou can tie several napkins of different colors according to the diagram below. Such a kit is perfect as a stand for flower pots.Knitting napkins crochet, schemes for beginners. Photo №4You can choose any kind of swipe,round, oval, square, rectangular, small or large. In any case, connected with your own hands, it will already bring you joy. Over time, you can proceed to more complex models that will decorate your home or become a terrific exclusive gift to your loved ones.Knitting napkins crochet, schemes for beginners. Photo №5