Learning to knit an original crochet hook according to the instructions with photos and diagrams

Learning to knit an original crochet hook according to the instructions with photos and diagrams

Crochet crochet options We offerto your attention an interesting peg "Penguinchik", which you can crochet yourself. To begin with, stock up: yarn "Romashka" (density 320 m / 100 g, cotton 100%) with five colors: orange, black, yellow, white and blue, 30 grams each, crocheted crochet number 3, plastic eyes. We form the basis of white yarn, linking a chain of 32 air loops (in) and then follow the scheme. After that, we tie the entire square with one row of columns without a cape (cb) of blue yarn. In the center of the top of our square, we sew a row of 20 vp and tie it alongside a sb. Unique hooks for the kitchen, crocheted according to schemes. Photo №1 For the beak, take the orange string and knit 3 in,connected by a ring. In the middle of the ring we sew 6 scales, and in the next row we unfasten this combination three times: 3 sb in 1 loop, 1 sb. We use blue yarn for headphones. We make a chain of 33 in and knit on it 1 row sb. Then we take the yellow thread and we untype 2 ellipses: we form a chain of 8 in, and we tie it 8 sb from one side and 8 sticks with one crochet (s1n) on the other side. From the blue yarn we knit a scarf: 4 in which we repeat the next series eight times: 2 rows in blue and 2 rows in yellow. Then two bands of fringe are knit: five times repeat the combination - 8 in, sb. We collect the product in the following order: we sew all the elements with the base, as shown in the illustration and glue the plastic eyes. Unique hooks for the kitchen, crocheted according to schemes. Photo # 2 The next version of the stitch is called "hen-hen". It looks pretty nice and at the same time it easily fits. To connect two such potholes in the size of 25x22 centimeters you will need:

  • for model "A" (chickens) of 100 grams of "Catania" yarn (density 125 m / 50 g, 100% cotton) of khaki, orange, yellow, black, mandarin colors;
  • for model "B" (chicken): 100 grams of the same yarn of white color, 50 grams of pearly, bright yellow, red, black and khaki color;
  • hook knitting №4.

We begin with the model "A". We knit two strings. We collect 11 bp from the thread of khaki and knit in accordance with the counting scheme of sb, in each row we knit 1 vp instead of one sb. Changing the color, the last stitch of the previous color is knitted with the following shade. We take some of the unused thread and clean it into knitting. Large areas are knitted from several glomeruli. At the top we dial 8 in from the khaki yarn for the loop, on which we will hang the tack, and then we tie it with one "circle step" (sb from left to right). Unique hooks for the kitchen, crocheted according to schemes. Picture №3 At the end we sew the line with a stemseam; eyes with a nodular seam of black yarn; beak - orange thread smooth; contour - with the help of a chain stitch of mandarin-colored yarn in one thread. Let's go to the "B" model, which we knit with a double thread. From the khaki yarn we type 17 bp and knit according to the sbn pattern, in each row we sew one vp instead of one sb. Next, we make the strapping around the edge of one row of the same color. We embroider lines with the help of a stalk seam, eyes - with the help of a black yarn with a thread of one thread. The loop on which the tack will be hung starts from the top of the star with one half-shell without a white-colored yarn cloak, we form 8 in, one half-cap without a cape is fixed at the second star and we tie 10 c. No less interesting and another variant of a knitted tack - "Goldfish". Due to its variegated, this tack will be a bright addition to your kitchen. It is knit easily and quickly. To make the two potholes 18x22 centimeters, you need the following:

  • yarn of orange, blue, turquoise, yellow, red, white and green flowers, each 50 g (90 m / 50 g, 100% cotton);
  • hooks knitting №2 and №3.

We begin knitting from model "A". From the orange yarn we type with the help of the hook №3 on 8 вп and then we tie the fins of the sbn, orienting ourselves to the scheme, while we do not forget to replace the first sb of each row of one vp. At the end of the 47th row, we tie the product with yarn of orange color. On the places that are marked with an asterisk, make a loop for hanging. To this end, we knit to the second star, then we dial 12 in and attach one half-shell without a napkin at the first star. After that, we tie a loop with the help of a cable and continue the circle along the contour of the product. Embroider the fish mouth using a chain stitch and red yarn. Eyes do this: take the hook number 2 and mercerized yarn, we knit one white circle with a diameter of 2 centimeters and one black circle with a diameter of 1 centimeter. To this end, we type 4 in and 1 half-cap without a crochete we close in a ringlet and after knitting in a circle with columns without a cape to the necessary size, smoothly adding loops. After finishing the eyes, we sew them to the tack and it's ready! Unique hooks for the kitchen, crocheted according to schemes. Photo №4 In the process of knitting the "B" model, everything happens in a similar way to the previous model, only yarns of yellow and orange change places.