Learn to knit various difficulty patterns with a crochet. Schemes for beginners are simple.

Learn to knit various difficulty patterns with a crochet. Schemes for beginners are simple.

Simple crochet patterns and schemes for beginners givethe opportunity to get acquainted with the technique of knitting and get the necessary skills. As a result, each skilled worker will be able to associate any exclusive item or accessory for decorating the interior in the future, which will please both her and those around her. To start the work, each needlewoman will need tools:

  • thread, you can use woolen,Cotton, linen, silk, synthetic. Also, a variety of cords are suitable. It should be remembered that the thread in the coil should be uniform with the same thickness. Otherwise, the product will not receive the required form and form;
  • hooks. There are wooden, steel, plastic, bone. They have different sizes. Are selected depending on the structure and thickness of the thread;
  • fork for knitting - used in some cases instead of a hook;
  • centimeter tape, a needle with a long eyelet, sewing pins, pins for temporarily replacing loops, scissors.

Reading schemes is not difficult, if you know everythingconventional symbols and rules of operation. The whole pattern consists of elements repeating several times. One element is the motif of the pattern. A collection of elements is a fragment. A description of a work is a schema that can be displayed as text. This option is not always appropriate, so it's better to use the legend. As a result, we get the scheme, as in the photo below. After carefully reviewing the proposed scheme, we can already imagine what product we will receive at the end of the work. The main rules for working with schemes:

  • Read the diagram only from the bottom up;
  • the reading of the series takes place in turn (1st - from right to left, 2nd - from left to right, etc.);
  • reading circular series - from right to left;
  • rapport between the arrows is repeated regularly;
  • the symbols indicate the sequence and the number of pattern fragments.

The most common symbols and abbreviations you can see below.Simple crochet patterns and schemes for beginners. Photo №1Simple crochet patterns and schemes for beginners. Photo # 2So, you have a product scheme that youhad to liking. First, you need to link a 10x10 cm sample. So, you can understand: whether the hook number is chosen, what is the density of the product, how many loops need to be dialed for the entire product. On the below photos you can see the simplest patterns and patterns to them . The execution will not take much time, but, you can easily use such patterns in the future with your knitting of any products, from scarves and blankets to elegant dresses.Simple crochet patterns and schemes for beginners. Picture №3For many products, in particular blouses, tunics,hats, scarves, capes and much more, the best solution will be the tying of an openwork pattern. If you are just starting to work with a hook, and you do not have much experience, then you can try an uncomplicated option. A detailed outline and description for it you will find on the following picture.Simple crochet patterns and schemes for beginners. Photo №4Thus, in order to connect a thing, it is enough to have enough patience, attentiveness and desire. Everything else will tell you the scheme of the product and the invaluable experience gained.