Learn how to knit crochet beautiful openwork pullovers in red and white colors

Learn how to knit crochet beautiful openwork pullovers in red and white colors

Crochet patterns of red and whitepullovers, offered in this article, will help you with your own hands to make for yourself the beautiful elements of the wardrobe, relevant at any time. The color decision of each of their sweaters is a classic option and does not go out of fashion for several seasons in a row. An exception is not the present time. Knits have always been in demand, since ancient times. They differed not only in beauty, but also in warmth, which gives the body yarn, when it comes to clothing. Particularly noteworthy are crocheted products. They are distinguished by extraordinary grace and beauty. Crocheted sweaters are perfect for both winter and summer wear. At first glance, lightweight products perfectly protect against gusts of cool breezes. For knitting almost any yarn will do, but, nevertheless, it is preferable to use natural. Wool, cashmere, angora, cotton will be an ideal option. Concerning synthetic materials, it is better not to use them. First, such products are not very pleasant to the body, and secondly, they are not durable - they quickly lose their original appearance, deform and lose color saturation. Today we offer you crochet patterns for red and white pullovers. Red pullover Crochet patterns for red and white pullovers. Photo №1 The dimensional grid: 36/38; 40/42; 44/46. Required:

  • thread of red color - 600gr .; 650gr .; 700gr .;
  • hook at number 3.

Description of the basic pattern of knitting: The number of loops is 12 + 5 loops + 1 lifting loop. We send according to the scheme given below. First we sew the loops in front of the rapport, then the loops of the rapport and, in conclusion, the loops behind the rapport. We execute from the first to the fourth series, then we repeat the third and fourth series. Crochet patterns for red and white pullovers. Photo # 2 Crochet patterns for red and white pullovers. Picture №3 Border: * We knit one column without a crochet, we loop out two loops, then seven bars with a crochet in one loop, skip two loops, repeat everything completely from *. The knitting density of the main pattern - 30 loops x 14 rows is 10 x 10 centimeters. Knitting the back of the product Making the chain through the air loops 137; 149; 161 + one lifting loop and we sew with the basic pattern. After 39 is tied; 37; 35 cm from the beginning of work, we leave on four centimeters from both parties. This is necessary for the formation of armholes. Having knitted 52 cm from the edge of the canvas, in the middle we leave 14 centimeters, to form the neck. The parties finish one by one. To round off, leave the inside of the rows 2 x 1 centimeter. After we are tying 55 centimeters, we close all the loops. The front part of the article We knit on the same principle as the previous part, only make for the neck a deeper cutout - 47 cm from the edge we leave in the middle of 12 cm and in the next rows 3 х 1 centimeters. Sleeves We chain 53; 53; 65 + dial the lifting loops and knit the entire canvas pattern. To form the bevels from two sides in turn, we add in each of the 4th and fifth rows 18 x 0.5 cm (in the third and fourth rows). After knitting 49 cm all the hinges are closed. Assembly Sew all the details. The edges are tied with a border. White sweater Crochet patterns for red and white pullovers. Photo №4 This model is perfect for any time period, with both jeans and a tight skirt. See the detailed scheme and description below. Crochet patterns for red and white pullovers. Photo №5