We learn knitting on hands, fingers and a laneye on video lessons

We learn knitting on hands, fingers and a laneye on video lessons


In the modern world it has become very popularA hobby like knitting. Unique things always attracted the views of others. In order to create your own hands the original thing you need to have special tools, such as hooks and knitting needles. However, you can do without them. Instead of knitting needles and hooks, we will use our hands. To create this way things are nothing else, but yarn is not needed. Knitting with hands is much easier than using a tool specifically designed for this purpose.

This method allows the needlewoman to create three-dimensional things, but also to use thick yarn, if a fine work thread is chosen, then the product will turn out to be delicate.
Let us dwell in more detail on the topic of "manual knitting" and consider the basic principles of creating products with the help of hands and rulers. Knitting with hands is sometimes called weaving.

How to tie a scarf with your hands without needles

Consider a manual way of knitting a scarf. You can tie this scarf only from a thick thread, but even with a thin yarn you can get out of position by combining it several times. Now we have the material of the required thickness.
To make a scarf it will take quite a bit, namely several coils of thick threads and ordinary sleight of hand.
Let's try to type a loop. We will make the first, having thrown a string on the left hand, thus with the right hand we make a turn round fingers of the left hand. The ends of the yarn will intersect in the left hand. Now, holding the crossroads with your own hands (more precisely the thumb of your left hand), you take the right hand with the cloak with the grip of the thread. Thus, we got the first loop on the right wrist.
We continue the set of loops further, as if we are knitting atHelp spokes. Knit will be the second row in the mirror image. We will knit the face. Try to tighten the hinge more tightly, so that the thing is not useless in the cold season. Such a scarf can be tied up, spending only 30 minutes.

Consider the technique of knitting a snitch. In fact, a snod is the same scarf, only it will be closed in a ring. We begin to knit it in the same way as the usual scarf, at the end of its edge it is necessary to connect. To do this, we fold it in half and push the working thread into the next hole and make a loop, then move the thread to the next hole, and pass through the loop obtained before. In this way we make the connection of the two ends. After completing this work, carefully cut the thread with scissors, fixing it from the wrong side with a knot. Our scarf-snack is ready!
Both experienced knitters and newcomers in thisIt will be useful to see a video in which knitting with hands will be demonstrated. This master class will help you understand how you can tie a scarf "snud" in 30 minutes. Watch the video lesson. By self-linking the product, you will find that knitting on hands is not difficult at all. Hand knitting is not only useful, but also fascinating.

Knitting on the fingers

Knit is possible not only with the help of hands, but alsoUsing your fingers. There is such a way to create warm things like knitting on your fingers. In the work will be involved two fingers, but it is possible and more, it depends on the sleight of hand master. We will try without needles and hooks to create with your fingers an original and amazing product made of yarn. This method allows you to knit belts, handles for bags, jewelry for hair and many other useful and necessary in our life little things.
Knitting on the fingers is an original and fairly simple technique, which can even entice your child.
We proceed to the formation of loops. We grip the end of the thread from the skein behind the palm and the thumb. The work should begin on the left hand, since it is more convenient for most people to use the right hand. Then, through the type of figure eight, we pass the thread through the entire hand. We encircle the little finger and move in the opposite direction, returning the thread to its original position. We make a crochet with the thread of the index finger and again make the figure eight, and after that we return the yarn back to its former position. Four lines of thread were obtained. Now we remove from the little finger the bottom row of loops, leaving the top in the same place, we perform such manipulation on all the fingers. Now we repeat the manipulation according to the scheme worked out before, starting from the index finger, wrapping all the fingers up to the little finger and back, again we pass them through, making a new loop line. So we continue until the work is completed. Master class for such knitting can be seen on the video.
Video: Learning to Knit with Fingers

Scarf on the ruler

To tie a scarf on a ruler, it will takeAn additional tool is a hook. First, we make a set of loops on the ruler, this will determine the length or width of the scarf - it's up to you. Then we take another hank and perform exactly the same manipulations with the yarn of a different color, now using a hook we connect two knitted stitches on the ruler, stretching four loops of the same color to the other. Let's start knitting new lines, which we will reunite.
Scarf on the line looks very original and looks unusual.

Knitting with hands is a very fascinating hobby, and also very useful. In her free time, any girl can plunge into the creative process, which will leave only pleasant impressions.
Video: Knitting a scarf with a ruler