Learn to please yourself and your children with hand-made vegetable figurines

Learn to please yourself and your children with hand-made vegetable figurines

Colorful crafts from different vegetables are veryare popular on all children's holidays. Naturally, the child will need the help of parents when creating them, which makes the manufacturing process more fun for everyone. To create such works you need a little patience, free time and the presence of imagination. Autumn always gives us a rich harvest. So why not use it as a material for creativity. Vivid crafts will serve not only as an attribute of children's events, but also allow to decorate, for example, a family dining table. Moreover, no special monetary costs are required. All materials, for sure, will be found in home bins. So, let's try to implement the idea, using several ready-made ideas. Rat Lariska Crafts from different kinds of vegetables. Photo №1 A unique fairy-tale specimen from the famous children's cartoon can be made if there is a radish in the house. Required materials:

  • a large white radish;
  • leaves of cabbage or lettuce (that is at hand);
  • radish;
  • olives for the eyes (you can also use any other material);
  • toothpicks;
  • sharp kitchen knife.

To begin with well mine and dry the radish. We clear it from the leaves, leaving only those leaves that will later serve as the tail. The roots are also removed except for a few that will become the antennae of our Larissa. The front part of the vegetable is cut, and in its place a toothpick is attached to the radish - this is our spout. Ears are made from salad or cabbage leaves. To do this, cut the vegetable from both sides and insert them there. Eyes with the power of toothpicks are fastened from pieces of olives. If desired, eyebrows can be attached from pieces of radish. Penguin Crafts from different kinds of vegetables. Photo # 2 For this beautiful craft, we will need allonly a few small eggplants and a knife. It is necessary to cut one of the vegetable parts (opposite to the tail) with a slope for the stability of our penguin. Next, with a knife, we clean one side of the skin, for the formation of the tummy. To avoid rapid darkening of unprotected pulp, it must be treated with salt (grate). Then we form wings. With a knife, cut a little peel from above and bend it. The eggplant's tail is our beak. Eyes - beads or any other material fixed with pins. A flock of several such birds will become a real masterpiece. Sheeps Crafts from different kinds of vegetables. Picture №3 Here we will come to the rescue head of cauliflower,olives and toothpicks. Armed with imagination, you can add other individual touches to our autumn artwork from vegetables. A large head of cabbage will please us with one animal. If we divide it into inflorescences, we get a whole flock of cute sheep. Crafts from different kinds of vegetables. Photo №4 One inflorescence is the torso of the sheep. Attach the olive-head to it with a toothpick. From the seeds you can make ears, from beads - eyes. To form the legs match matches, plasticine or pieces, for example, potatoes. Duck Crafts from different kinds of vegetables. Photo №5 For this masterpiece we generally need a minimummaterial and very little free time. As a basis, curved eggplant (this is neck and head), cabbage head (torso) and green sweet pepper to form the breast and beak of our poultry. All parts are fastened with toothpicks. As a peephole, you can apply anything, from beads to heads of regular matches. To create a beautiful fabulous souvenirs from vegetables, you can take any material. Pumpkin, zucchini or watermelon will be an ideal solution. Of these, you can make almost any masterpiece - from the Cinderella coach, hurrying to the ball, to its shoes and chic colors. Crafts from different kinds of vegetables. Photo №6 If you do not know what and how you can do,connect your children to the creative process. They will accurately make their corrections to the ideas we offer or come up with an entirely new version of their production.