Learn how to sew a soft ball for a baby with his own hands can every woman very quickly

Learn how to sew a soft ball for a baby with his own hands can every woman very quickly

Sewing a soft ball for a baby is an actualtheme for all young mothers, as well as grandmothers who have small mischievous people in the house. With the manufacture of this product there will be no problems even for a person who is not an experienced seamstress, but simply has a general idea of ​​this kind of needlework and is familiar with working on a sewing machine. You do not need to build complex patterns. Everything is simple and simple, as we will see with you, having read this article. As you know, all children of different ages like to play ball, but there is not always an opportunity or weather conditions do not allow to enter the playground. And in a house or apartment you can not throw it, because you can break something, and it's very difficult for a very small child to play with a traditionally made ball, leather, rubber or leatherette. Therefore, it is best to make a ball with your own hands, especially since the work is not difficult and does not take much effort and time, and the result obtained in the process of its fulfillment will exceed all your expectations. In this article we offer you a material with detailed instructions on how to sew a soft ball for your baby yourself at home from simple inexpensive materials. First of all, you need to prepare all the necessary material and tools.

  • Fabric of four or six colors, namely fleece. In this particular case, we take four colors of matter, namely, blue, green, light brown and pink.
  • Sharp scissors for cutting fabrics.
  • The sewing machine.
  • Threads for sewing.
  • Filler for the ball, which can be a sintepon, balls, holofayber and so on;
  • Pattern, which is a pentagon of regular shape, whose height is ten centimeters.

According to the pattern, we need to cut out the blanks - twelve pieces of regular-shaped pentagons of different colors (three pentagons of each color). Be sure to leave allowances on the seams. Sewing soft ball for baby. Photo №1 We glue them to each other with a needle and thread. Sewing soft ball for baby. Photo # 2 As a result, we will get a whole canvas. Sewing soft ball for baby. Picture №3 We will need to sew the resulting canvas on the sewing machine. In doing so, we must leave a hole through which we will turn out our cover for the ball and fill it with filler. Sewing soft ball for baby. Photo №4 Now we will turn out the cover on the face, as a result of it we will receive here such preparation for the future toy. Sewing soft ball for baby. Photo №5 In the hole we left, we'll start to insert the filler, in this case we will use the holofiber. Sewing soft ball for baby. Photo №6 After we put enoughamount of filler, we need to carefully sew the hole, using a secret seam. And we will get here such an interesting ball of a small size. Sewing soft ball for baby. Photo №7 Such a toy is sure to appeal to yourbaby. It is not only beautiful, but also soft, which eliminates the risk that the child during the game will cause himself or others a trauma. And to break a thing or window with such a ball will not work. According to this scheme, you can sew a few soft balls for the baby, with which he will be interested to play. We hope that our article helped you in your work and the process did not cause you any inconvenience.