Learn how to sew soft toys with your own hands and give them to friends or young children!

Learn how to sew soft toys with your own hands and give them to friends or young children!

All people love soft toys without exception. Just some people are afraid to admit it. On the shelves of shops now you can find a variety of toys. But a toy sewn with its own hands will be undeniably unique. Therefore, it is worth trying and sewing a soft toy from beginning to end. Only you need to take care in advance and pick up the necessary materials, as well as accessories for the product. Soft toys, how to sew them. Photo №1 How can you sew a soft toy yourself? First of all, select patterns of liked toys and print or transferred to the tracing paper. And before starting to work, patterns are made necessary patterns. It is best to do them on cardboard, then they turn out to be stiff and allow you to transfer the details to the fabric without distortion. The selected patterns (if they do not suit the size and size) can be increased or decreased. Soft toys, how to sew them. Photo # 2 An important role in sewing toys is cuttingdetails. The fabric must be laid up with the wrong side. Pay attention to the coincidence of the directions of the share strands. Pair details are cut out symmetrically. The contours of the details are marked with sharply sharpened pencil or chalk to more accurately convey the dimensions to the fabric. And before cutting out, you need to double check all the lines. For cutting, it is better to use well-sharpened scissors, otherwise they can "zazhevat" material. Soft toys, how to sew them. Picture №3 The next stage of work is the stitching of all the detailstoys with their own hands. The product is stitched on the sewing machine or manually, precisely along the marking lines. In small toys, seams are performed from the outside, while decorating and decorating. Medium and large are sewn from the wrong side and then are twisted. Sewing threads are selected according to the color of the fabric or under the main drawing. With manual stitching, you can use the following types of seams:

  • "Needle forward" - for sewing before stitching;
  • "Over the edge" - for sewing parts from the wrong side and is used for fur or fleecy material;
  • seam loop - for decoration, decoration or bonding;
  • "Back needle" - for sewing the inner contour.

From the seams on the sewing machine, they prefer to choose a stitch or "zigzag". Soft toys, how to sew them. Photo №4 A soft toy with your own hands should becorrectly stuffed. To do this, we use sintepon, foam rubber, sinter and cotton wool. With cotton, of course, it is more difficult, as it clicks, and it is necessary to erase such a toy very carefully. The products are stuffed evenly, starting from the smallest and most remote parts, carefully stuffing the muzzle, paws and tail. An inadequately stuffed toy looks inexpressive, and an overabundance of padding can tear the seams. Together with the stuffing, a skeleton frame is inserted into the toy, which is often made of wire; thus giving it its intended form and supporting it in the future. Soft toys, how to sew them. Photo №5 Already stuffed, you can sew a soft toy with your ownhands and start creating it. To do this, the head is pulled, giving it the right shape, the nose is made, the points of the eyes and mouth are outlined; also the eyes can be made from beads or buttons, and the mouth can be drawn with a felt-tip pen or executed in the form of an overlay applique. If desired, the mobile paws or hands are made. In the decoration can be useful embroidery with ribbons or drawing on fabric.