Learn how to create masterpieces in the form of crafts from various types of vegetables with your own hands

Learn how to create masterpieces in the form of crafts from various types of vegetables with your own hands

Interesting crafts from vegetables with their own hands canmake even a child. Of course, they are short-lived, given the material, but this does not become less beautiful. Let not for long, but such products please the eye and develop the creative abilities of small masters. Autumn gives us not only the beauty of nature, the abundance and variety of colors. This is also a rich harvest, which, if desired, can be an excellent material for creativity. Interesting products can be made from almost any vegetable. At the same time, you do not need to spend money, it is enough to show a little bit of imagination and ingenuity. Naturally, the manufacture of hand-made articles can not be completely entrusted to children, since you will need to use a sharp knife. Therefore, this type of activity is the collective work of the child and his parents.Interesting crafts from vegetables with their own hands. Photo №1There are many ideas for crafts from vegetables. As an example, consider some of them. Vase for the flowers from eggplantInteresting crafts from vegetables with their own hands. Photo # 2For the craft, we will need the eggplant necessaryshape and size. With a sharp knife you need to cut off the spout and the tail of the vegetable, for the stability of our future vase. Where there was a ponytail of a vegetable, you need to make a marking, on which we cut out denticles. Using a thick needle parallel to the teeth pierce the holes and connect these points to each other. By the resulting markings, we cut out shallow lines. Then we cut out the leaves. Ornament can be made in another version. Then the core is removed in order to get the finished product. In the vase will look beautiful bouquet of marigolds and clusters of rowan. Bashmachki Very interesting crafts can be made from courgettes. One of them is the handmade "Boots". It will take two identical zucchini of the required size, which are processed as shown in the photo.Interesting crafts from vegetables with their own hands. Picture №3You can cut out your version of the model. Everything depends on your imagination and ability to work with the material. TurtleInteresting crafts from vegetables with their own hands. Photo №4A fairly common kind of crafts from vegetables. To produce it you can use different materials. We will consider one of the simplest options. Despite this, the finished product looks great and well imitates a real live turtle. For work we need to take:

  • cabbage cabbage (size is chosen arbitrarily);
  • a few young zucchini small sizes;
  • two berries of black chokeberry or beads for peepholes;
  • toothpicks.

Cut cabbage into two parts. Zucchini cut into round not thick rings, which with the help of toothpicks fasten from above to cabbage. For the head and paws, too, we use zucchini. You attach the berries so that the eyes will turn out. As a material for interesting original handicrafts, which are especially relevant for holidays in schools and kindergartens, you can take any vegetables and fruits that you can find. They will look equally good. The idea to create your masterpiece can be borrowed on the Internet, and you can come up with your own version. Many ideas will be able to tell your own children. Bring them to the work process and make sure that their imagination exceeds all your expectations. We wish you pleasant creative moments.