Learn how to embroider a cross with simple diagrams of New Year's drawings

Learn how to embroider a cross with simple diagrams of New Year's drawings

New Year's drawings for beginnersThe needlewomen differ in simplicity and aesthetics. Even without much experience, you can quickly embroider a beautiful picture in the form of a small picture for a gift or as a decor for a festive tablecloth, napkins, towels and so on. New Year's attributes always differed in something unusual and slightly magical, no matter what it is and why it is needed. The very atmosphere of the holiday already evokes feelings, long familiar from childhood, a little forgotten. Well, if we make any details with our own hands, then they acquire a special meaning. By embroidering a cross, everyone can decorate their house or make a gift. Schemes of New Year's drawings for beginner needlewomen. Photo №1 New Year's drawings for beginnersneedlewomen, offered by us in this article (see photo below), give the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Make the necessary thing with your own hands and acquire cross-stitching skills. Schemes of New Year's drawings for beginner needlewomen. Photo # 2 Schemes of New Year's drawings for beginner needlewomen. Picture №3 Schemes of New Year's drawings for beginner needlewomen. Photo №4 In order for us to have such beautiful and elegant fluffy Christmas trees, it will take quite a bit:

  • canvas, you can use the usual, with standard cell sizes;
  • thread floss required colors (select shades according to each scheme);
  • hoop (take square or round, which is more like, but it is necessary with a screw, so that it was possible to tighten the fabric if it is slightly pulled and loosened);
  • Needle (a special needle with a blunt end, which can be bought in any store specializing in goods for needlework) is used.

To begin with, you should definitelythe center of the picture and only then start the work. pull the fabric on the embroidery frame and embroider. For embroidery according to the schemes of New Year's drawings for beginner needlewomen, simple simple crosses are used. The main thing is to see that they are stitched in one direction. Then the drawing will turn out beautiful. To prevent the image from appearing, the beginner must find the density of the filaments, which would correspond to the dimensions of the canvas cells. If the canvas with large cells, embroidered in several threads, on small cells you can embroider a thread in one or two additions. It is important at work not to leave nodules. Threads should be fixed from the wrong side of the image with simple stitches. This is quite easy to do by stretching neatly the string under the already made crosses on the reverse side of the drawing. What a holiday without Santa Claus? Embroidered according to a simple scheme, the invariable character of the holiday will be an excellent gift to a loved one, a child. If you complete the finished work in a beautiful frame, you will get an elegant cheerful and kind picture, pleasing contemplatives not only during the New Year holidays. If you want to decorate one of the drawings, for example, a tablecloth, then, to be comfortable to embroider, take a water-soluble canvas. By attaching it to the fabric, you embroider the pattern. After the embroidery is ready, the product should be dampened with water to remove the canvas. At the end of work, the product should be gently washed and patted (on the reverse side of the embroidery). If desired, you can put the picture in a frame that is easy to buy in the store, or do it yourself.