Learning to unite cos in different ways through a photo-video lesson

Learning to unite cos in different ways through a photo-video lesson


All beginners master the artKnitting with the simplest basics, learn to type loops, tie gum, facial and purl smoothness. The next step is the development of interlacing, braids and harnesses, then the study of magnificent openwork motifs. After some time, gaining experience, I want to tie real masterpieces, create knitted pictures. And then you can try to master the ornament "Owl", to tie a beautiful big bird, personifying wisdom and mysterious night life.
A magnificent owl pattern can decorate a warmSweater, mittens, children's and adult caps, fashionable mitts. The skillful interlacing of the facial loops, a pair of round, large peepholes create a real knitted tale, and such a thing can become a favorite, both for the baby and for the adult.

How to Knit Easily and Easily

The pattern of "Owl" knitting is quite simple, the main thing is to determine its position on the fabric of the finished product.
The majestic owl knits with facial loops onPurple surface, because it looks convex and especially spectacular. Cute little girl will become a real decoration of a children's cap, a zest on mittens for a young girl, a mascot on a man's sweater. The implementation of such a pattern is under the force and the beginning master, if it will follow all the points of a simple scheme.

Abbreviations in the description: P - loop, Face - face, Iz - purl, P - row.
The height of the motif is 10 cm in height and about 7 cm in width, rapport fits in 14p and 32 r, the wrong edges in the instructions are not mentioned:

Eyes can be decorated with beads or buttons.

Video master-class knitting pattern "owl" on the cap

An interesting video and master-class of a skillful needlewoman will clearly demonstrate the knitting pattern on a blue children's cap. This headpiece with an owl pattern will suit both the girl and the boy.

Openwork pattern "Owl"

Pleasant for a man's gaze, a mysterious ornamentCan be performed on a light lady's, spring blouse. For women, such a thing can become a day-off and everyday, almost universal for any occasion.
Knitting an openwork pattern "Owl" by the method of a napkin and two facial pieces is possible, if there is an exact scheme designed for a certain number of loops.

Possessing artistic skills and the basics of knitting, you can create your own motive and use simple holes to draw it on a smooth linen thread.
The lighter the yarn, the more spectacular the pattern will look, and if not mistaken in the arrangement of the nakids, the final result will be delightful, and the finished thing, perhaps, will become a favorite.
The finished pattern of the "Owl" pattern is made up by the painstaking work of the needlewoman.
The red square is the landmark for the middle of knitting. The black square is a cape. Next to the square is an icon denoting knitting the two together with a front one, either with a left turn or to the right.
The work will be difficult, painstaking and demandingIncreased attention, but the result will surpass any expectations. Advice! For such work, it is desirable to print out a pattern on a piece of paper and mark the tied rows with a tick.
Another magnificent scheme of the ornament "Owl" was invented by an experienced master.

The arrangement of the nakids clearly shows the outline of a magnificent bird, the conventional symbols will help you to understand how to perform this mysterious and very attractive art figure.
Knitting of such motifs will please any master who loves her work and small difficulties. The more effort will be invested, the more valuable the result will be in the end.

Video: Knitting Pattern for Beginners by Scheme

Selection of photo schemes and MC on knitting owls