Learning how to weave from rubber bands cast on video lessons

Learning how to weave from rubber bands cast on video lessons


From elastic bands you can weave a wide varietyFigurines. It's not just animals, fruits and vegetables. Fairy-tale characters are also capable of masters of "rubber" weaving. The theme of our article is "How to Spin a Ghost from Rubbers". Having enough experience, it will not be difficult to weave a funny creature. Such a cast will serve you as a decoration, keychain, a gift for Halloween. This holiday is loved by many, so a woven little ghost is sure to come in handy.

Weaving of gum products

Before you start, you should prepare:

  • Weaving machine;
  • Hook to grasp the rubber;
  • White gum - 38 pcs .;
  • Black - 2 pcs.

Converting always associates a white color,But, if you want to depart from the usual classical tones, you can take any other. Turn the machine to its columns, and push the center row forward one column.

We pass to the throwing of rubber bands. To bring the dense, it is better to take them in two pieces. For greater effect, some skilled workers use neon lights that glow in the dark.
The first pairs are from the middle columnRight, left, and down. Then from each top pin down on a pair of elastics. So continue on and on the middle row involve five posts, on the sides - four.
Make the rounding. One end of a pair of rubber bands is put on the left and right pins, respectively. The second end - on the central. On this column they meet. It turned out a complete figure resembling a polyhedron. The next pair should be twisted three times and put on the last central column, which was involved.

Do for the ghost of the pen. Four rubber bands are wound on the hook four times, then they take the second, folded twice. It is stretched through a rolled ball on a hook. The glomerulus is placed in the middle of the steam gum. Fold in half and put on the leftmost pin. The glomerulus must remain from the outer edge. The same goes for the right side.
To fix the body of the ghost, make a triangleIn the middle of the polyhedron. Now left to weave eyes. Two black rubber bands in turn are wound on a hook. It is necessary to make four turns and to stretch through two black glomeruli one white. Then this design is placed on the side pins (second on top) and on the middle. It turns out a small triangle, which will allow you to fix your eyes well.

Continue to weave a ghost. Hook the bottom row, pull through a layer of rubber bands and fix on the column from which it was worn originally. So pass each pair. Care is required here in order to properly fix them on the right column.
At the very top of the figure, the nodule is tightened with the help ofThe hook. Now you can remove the cast from the machine. It turns out extremely sweet and funny. If you need to decorate a bag or a backpack, then the loop is lengthened and attached to the desired place.
The entire production process can be viewed on video.

Video: Ways of weaving the gimmicks from rubber