A tutorial article on how to create watercolor cards with your own hands.

A tutorial article on how to create watercolor cards with your own hands.

Creative solutions are relevant in every work. It is always curious and entertaining. The results of such works are surprising by their eccentricity and peculiarity. Therefore, very opportunely will create for the wedding celebration original invitation cards. Watercolor cards at first sight fascinate with their refinement and airiness. Such a card as a presentation will please everyone, because it is able to create a romantic location. And even more can please the postcard, made by own hands, despite the abundance of store cards. You can make it in any color scheme: in cream or colorful shades. Each such postcard can become an exceptional creation. How to make watercolor cards with your own hands. Photo №1 To create a watercolor invitation you need:

  • watercolor paints,
  • special paper,
  • brush,
  • pencils,
  • rulers,
  • scissors.

It takes approximatelyhalf an hour. First of all, you need to think up the form of the future invitation, cut out the right size and shape from the paper. The paper should be designed for drawing with watercolor paints. After you need to bend the card in half and straighten the fold line, from the top side, tear off the edge of the card to get an uneven end. Next, lower the curve of the curtain of the invitation in the water to the desired level. Using a brush, apply a thick layer of paint of a pre-selected shade to the edge of the paper. Invitations can be rotated in different directions, so that the paint spreads over the surface and creates exceptional saturated divorces. After obtaining the desired result, you need to put the card on a smooth surface to dry the paints. The final stage will be writing wedding wishes or invitations, you can also leave your own signature, placing it in such a way that it can be seen intricately from watercolor divorce. To write the text you need to use the thinnest brush or bright marker. After this, the product must be allowed to dry. The completed invitation can be decorated with all sorts of elements. At first, the idea that thisordinary postcard, which is not of any value. However, this is not at all the case! Every thing made on its own is an exceptional souvenir with sincere kindness and warmth.