Lesson N9 - Rose brooch, decorate a scarf and casual clothes - Part 1

Lesson N9 - Rose brooch, decorate a scarf and casual clothes - Part 1

Good day! Now we will look at how to tie a beautiful flower! It looks like a rose and can be widely used. If you have already tied up with me, you can decorate it with such a flower! And if you have a hat or a suitable scarf, then you can decorate them. If there is a basis for a brooch in the nearest handicraft shop, or, perhaps, the foundation was lying around somewhere in the “plush kingdom”? , then you can make a flower in the form of a brooch. Brooch can decorate the usual and casual outfit, giving a finished look, elegance and charm! Getting started! We will need:

  • Yarn, I have ANGORA VITA 49% wool, 51% acrylic, 100 g / 260 m. - I have the remainder of a large skein, which I used for a scarf;
  • Hook, I have 3.5;
  • Scissors;
  • Needle;
  • A bead (in the color of your wardrobe or yarn) is possible without it;
  • Brooch base - if you make a brooch.

1. This is my balance from 2. We do 3. out of 52 air loops 4. We take knitting in hand as in the photo 5. And turn the "pigtail" down and stitches going one after the other up 6. Make a cape 7. We count the fourth loop from the hook and thread the hook into the fourth “stitch” 8. Knit, it turns out like this 9. The air loop 10. Skip the loop, single crochet into the next loop 11. It turns out like this 12. Air loop 13. A single crochet column in the same loop, a V-shaped pattern is obtained. 14. Repeat the V-shaped pattern (paragraphs 10-13) until the end of the row 15. It turns out such a curly strip Be always up to date with new lessons, don't miss the next releases! Subscribe now!