The lessons of creating bread in the oven with your hands - a recipe with a photo

The lessons of creating bread in the oven with your hands - a recipe with a photo

Every day a person works toto earn a living. Everyone tries to meet their guests and arrange a cozy house. Of course, each of us considers bread - the most important component in family food and, of course, for the tradition of any country, bread is an integral and important part of culture. So, How to make bread in the oven with your own hands? How to make bread in the oven with your own hands? How to make bread. Photo №1 Especially in a country like Russia. Therefore, the art of baking for a long time has acquired a completely new character and has been developing since the days of Ancient Egypt. A simple idea to make bread arose there (according to legend) in the form of a happy accident. One of the bakers of the city made flour cakes and left the process. Egypt is a very hot country and therefore, the dough has withered and lost its original appearance. The baker tried to hide his flaws and sent the dough to the oven. As a result, an air version of a simple and convenient method of nutrition was obtained. And after that, traditions have grown to the whole world and each agrarian country has its own unique bread option.

Baking in home cooking

How to make bread. Photo # 2 After this, home baking appeared, but inIn the 19th century, unique factories appeared that, with the help of their conveyor machines, could produce a large quantity of bread in an automated process. And now, this science of home bakery is more of a curiosity, as well as a refinement from a cookery, rather than a given. In order to make bread, we will need wheat flour in the form of three cups or 400 mg, a half cup of water and 2 teaspoons of yeast. You will also need sea salt in the form of one tablespoon.

Cooking dough

How to make bread. Picture №3 First of all, using a large bowl,mix flour, salt, and then yeast. Next, we add warm water with a temperature of 40 degrees and stir our mixture. Then, mix this mixture with a spoon. But, it is also desirable to crush the dough with your hands. After, with the help of food film, we close the dough. After that, we put our staff in a warm corner and wait until 18 hours. Do not allow drafts to pass through the dough. Regardless of how much the dough will be "adjusted", it will turn out delicious. It depends on the properties of your test and it is possible that you will have to wait a whole day or half a day. Next, warm up the oven to 240 degrees and start cooking.

Cooking bread

How to make bread. Photo №4 Use the dough. It must be put on a towel, which will be in flour. Next, using the edges of the towel, you need to form a round loaf version. This dough can also be done with the help of hands, and also collect the necessary dough with a blade or knife. The dough is covered with a towel and after, left for 30 minutes. Next, you need to heat the bread pan, it will take about 10 minutes. Make all the necessary cuts and put our future bread in shape. Prepare the bread! 30 minutes bake in the lid, and then another 15 minutes bake without a lid. The bread is ready!