Lessons knitting sweaters with knitting needles according to schemes with description

Lessons knitting sweaters with knitting needles according to schemes with description


To become a happy owner of a beautifulSmart jumper is not necessary to spend a considerable amount and buy a model in the store. You can arm yourself with knitting needles, as well as a knitting pattern for a female jumper, to connect this product yourself!
Having carefully studied, a small trainingMaster class with a detailed description of the technique of knitting, you will learn how to quickly and easily connect an openwork cardigan with a pattern of leaves. The description of the work is quite simple, so even a beginning master can handle it.

Master class knitting sweaters

Jumper, which will be discussed in our trainingThe master class with a detailed description is ideal for women of different age groups. Such an original knitted model will be enjoyed not only by a young girl, but also by an older woman. This model of the female knitted cardigan is presented in 3 sizes:

  • 36/38;
  • 42;
  • 46/48;

To connect such a stylish knitted model for women you will need:

  • Circular knitting needles No. 3,5 and 4;
  • Hook number 3,5;
  • 350, 450, 550 g - yarn;
  • Scheme;
  • Pattern sweaters for women.

During the description of the knitting technique of the female jumper the following abbreviations will be used:

  • Etc. - a loop;
  • R. - row;
  • Out. - purl;
  • Persons. - Facial;
  • CD is a circular series;
  • LH - facial surface;

The density of the knitted fabric: 27,5Х27,5 КР = 10Х10 cm - "Leaf". 23Х29,5 КР ЛГ.
Many women's products are additionally decoratedDifferent patterns. In this model, a popular motif called "Leafs" is used. He knits in a circle strictly according to the scheme. The total number of loops must necessarily be a multiple of 14. The scheme indicates even and odd CR.
Rapport is repeated many times. First, the pattern is tied with spokes according to the scheme from 1 to 24 KR, and then from 5 to 24 KR.

When knitting CD people. All the stitches are tied face-to-face. Persons. P., Knitting directly and in the opposite direction consist of persons. Etc., and out. R. Are performed. P.
Before you begin to explore the descriptionKnitting techniques and step-by-step execution of all the items of the master class, we recommend that you pay special attention to the fact that the fabric of the female cardigan up to the sleeves consists of a single piece of knitted CD. On the pattern, the transition point of the "Leaf" pattern to the LH looks like a smooth lateral bevel. This is due to the fact that these drawings have a different density of knitting.
We start a master class on knitting a femaleSweaters. Depending on what size of the product you need to tie, type on the spokes 224/252 / 280p. Close the loops on the spokes in a circle. Start knitting the pattern "Leaf" according to the scheme.
After a 33.5 cm pattern is associated"Leaf" is bound in rapports only on hinges marked in gray. In other cases, knitting is carried out by the facial smoothness. According to the scheme in those CD, in which 2 n. To ensure that the number of loops does not change, it is necessary to perform 1 person in front of the pattern in all reports. Crossed from a transverse thread.
When the size of the knitted fabric grows to 37 cmOn the first 112/126/140 p. Knitting the back of a female jumper. To form the backrest used by persons. Smooth surface. Of the remaining loops, the front part of the knitted product will subsequently be connected. In the 1 r. From the separation of the knitted fabric for sleeves, type from both sides 1X10 n. In each 2 p. - 8Х10 п. And 1Х16 п. Continue knitting ЛГ. After having copied from the separation another 17/19/21 cm, close all the p.

Loops - 46 pcs., Located in the middle will be used to form the neck of a female sweater, and sleeves and shoulders will be torn from the hinges on the outside. Without changing the scheme of action, from the earlier laid off knit with the help of the spokes the front part of the product. Having knitted from the separation of the canvas 9.5 / 11.5 / 13.5 cm, the central 36 p. Is closed, and the sides are completed separately.
To round off the inner edge, it is necessary toEach subsequent 2 p. Close: 1X2 and 3X1 n. Residual loops - 139/146/153 from the sleeves and shoulders close at the height of the back. This description of the technique of knitting can be considered almost complete. Now the jumper must be collected!
The final stage of the training master class,Dedicated to assembling a female sweatshirt. All seams are performed first. To make the jumper look more neat and beautiful, its neck is tied with 1 CD, consisting of connecting posts. Then, from the connecting posts, you need to type 103 spokes with their spokes and close them as if they were not. Double thread. When the jumper is almost ready, you need to collect 57 pips around the edges of the sleeves and also cover them with the backs using double thread.
No woman can remain indifferent,Seeing such an original jumper. This knitted product will look good with both skirts and pants. A simple model at first glance will turn your mistress into the standard of female elegance and beauty!

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