Lamp from the kettle with your own hands

Lamp from the kettle with your own hands

In place of old metal teapots andcoffee makers came modern electric kettles and coffee machines. Rarely who puts a vintage style above convenience, the speed of heating and the preparation of the drink. Therefore, antique tea utensils, as a rule, go to the collection points of scrap metal. But not in our case! We offer two simple ideas how to turn unnecessary metal and porcelain kettles into an original lamp!


How to make a lamp from a kettle with your own hands

For work, prepare:

  • old metal kettle;
  • serviceable cartridge with cord;
  • a tool for cutting holes in a metal (cutter) or a conventional nail with a hammer (drill or drill).

First you need to thoroughly clean the kettle outside from grease and dirt, remove the scum inside. To remove scale, you can use special agents or citric acid. candlestick Determine in advance how you will bemake holes in the teapot, what pattern will be applied. Very cool if you have a special metal cutter, which can make round holes of different diameters. If there is not one, it does not matter. Mark the points on the teapot and the lines along which you will beat the holes. Take a drill and drill holes of different diameters. You can create a variety of openwork patterns, make flowers, leaves, waves ... lantern from the kettle lantern from the kettle In the bottom of the kettle, make a hole, whereyou can put the cartridge and withdraw the cord, and if you make a ceiling lamp, you can completely cut the bottom, and mount the cartridge in the upper part, under the lid. Such lamps will perfectly fit into the kitchen interior in the style of country, provence or industrial. lighting fixture kettle chandelier of their old teapot

How to make a table lamp from ceramic teapots and cups

Another interesting variant of theuse of unnecessary kitchen utensils is the creation of a lamp, the leg of which consists of cups and teapots. In this case, you can just use a ceramic or porcelain set, or rather, what's left of it. candlestick For work you will need:

  • a pair of tea cups, a teapot for brewing tea, a coffee pot, saucers;
  • adhesive for bonding ceramic surfaces;
  • a cartridge with a cord, a lampshade.

Prepare the dishes, wash it well and dry it. Make a composition of cups and teapots as they will look like a leg for the lamp. For example, on a saucer, put a larger kettle, a smaller kettle on it, then a saucer and a tea cup. In the last cup, insert the cartridge and the frame for the shade. To ensure that they stay in the cup, use clay, mounting or floral foam. Then, in turn, glue ceramic pottery to each other. In this case, you can do without drilling holes in the ceramic - the cord will be in sight. tea-table lamp The second option for creating a table lamp is moreLabour intensive. For many homemade models of chandeliers and lighting fixtures, it will be necessary to make accurate holes in the ceramic dishes. It will be needed for fastening, and to hide the cord. chandelier from cups and teapots Buy a special drill bit for glass and porcelain,and round, with a slot in the middle. Drills that look like spears do not fit. In the dishes you need to pour some water and securely fix, for example, use a vice or ask someone to hold tight. Starting drilling, keep the bit almost flat, and not perpendicular, as usual. This is necessary in order to pass the top layer of the glaze, make a "notch" and facilitate a further process. how to drill a hole in a ceramic container Continuing to drill at low speed, raise the drill in a position perpendicular to the dish, then increase the speed and press a little on the drill bit. how to drill a hole in a ceramic container how to drill a hole in a ceramic containerHere are the options for lamps from ceramic or porcelain dishes you can do. lamp from kettles and cups table lamp from kettles and cups lamp from teapot 03