How does the tilde look like, the history of making tilda dolls / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How does the tilde look like, the history of making tilda dolls / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Primitivism, homespun and unbearable fascination- it is these three words that can describe a toy tilde. A rag doll was invented in the late nineties by the Swedish artist and designer Tony Finnanger, and thus, forever entered her name in the history of the world's hand-made.The history has continued, and today the tilde is a registered brand, a trademark that, of course, brings profit to the talented woman and at the same time pleases the needlewomen of the whole world. Inspiration creator drew in those times,when Scandinavian women created rude, primitive amulets for their homes, in the image and likeness of fairy-tale creatures and animals, listening to ancient stories and legends. The name "tilde" is also the wish of Tony herself. In her family, it was customary to call everyone sonorous, short names for the letter "T", and this name seemed to the artist the most suitable for the pupa. Tilda is a printed doll sewn from scraps or whole pieces of flax, it is quite recognizable and at the same time time conditional silhouette, which is created with the help of cotton wool or holofaybera.Ubychno tilda has long legs, pretty plump body, on the muzzle of her eyes-beads, blush and quite impressive nose. Tilda can be a girl, a cat, a postman, a milkmaid and even Santa Claus. tilde angel storyWith all the diversity of faces, it preservesunique style, recognizable sewing technology and indescribable charm. In addition, the tildes in the performance of their creator Tony Finnanger always had a very pleasant color of face and body - light brown, reminiscent of ginger cake, shortbread cookie or coffee with cream. This color must have a real doll tilde, consider her admirers from all over the world. The doll tilda angel tilde's storyThis is the most common variant of the tilde. Lovely young lady of angelic guise, with curls, behind her back - wings. Usually wears a linen light dress of lavender or pink hue. In the hands often holds a wand, of course, magical. The doll's tilde cat tilde's storyIn this form, the tilde does not lose charm at all- on the contrary, every needlewoman will wish to have such an animal. The tilde cat usually wears a dress too, she has a pretty slender body, long paws and a tail, a funny face with black eyes and tight curls of mustaches. Here in detail: .The lamb's tilde doll tilde lamb storyAn excellent gift option! A very amusing sheep will serve as a beautiful decoration for a Christmas tree or a cute decorative detail. In addition to lamb, there are teddy rabbits, deer, mumps, etc. But they are less popular than, say, a cat. The main thing that unites millions of homemade tilde dolls around the world is the sewing technology. It is very, very simple and at the same time quite painstaking. The artist herself believed that the charm of the real tilde lies precisely in the fact that she draws the image of the master who created it with each of her dashes, and there are simply two identical dolls. The materials for sewing are very simple and affordable: pruning flax, cotton, cotton or holofayber, thick threads or cosmetics (for whiskers). Buttons, beads, wire, beads - for the decoration of the doll it will fit literally everything. Here in detail: .

Tilde sewing technology

In general, for sewing any tilde, there are several steps:

  • translation patterns on paper (schemes are on the Internet, their great variety);
  • Cutting out parts of the doll from the fabric;
  • stitching parts;
  • stuffing doll pieces with cotton or holofayber;
  • assembling dolls;
  • coloring or embroidery muzzle;
  • tailoring for dolls.

tilda-istoria-009 tilda-istoria-008 tilde's storyThe history of tilde is a record of success. Today the profit from this trademark is estimated at millions of dollars. Their favorite tilde is considered and housewives, and "vanilla" girls, and hipsters, and, of course, ordinary children - from toddlers to teenagers. The fact is that the tilde managed to become a real embodiment of time, which required simplicity, beauty and charm. Such a doll will decorate any interior and create a festive mood. The more that you can sew it yourself, and it's really simple. It takes only a little patience and the feeling that you are back in childhood. In more detail for beginners: .