Lily of beads with your hands in the master class (video)

Lily of beads with your hands in the master class (video)


Lily of beads can be an excellentany decor, especially if it is placed in a container that resembles a pond or water. This can be arranged horizontally or mirror glass or transparent filling adhesive. Make a flower lilies in various ways, sometimes in the walls of the room hung a large picture of these colors, which are used for decoration. But we'll deal today is how to implement it with the help of weaving beads. This is what our master class will be dedicated.
Beading is a very excitingoccupation. In addition to fun and pleasure crafts is allowing your hands to make a variety of decorations for the home and for you personally. So, we begin to work. Master Class, we have added the video that you clearly demonstrate the process of water lily weaving.

Lily Bead master class

For prepare the following materials and tools:

  • white beads;
  • pink beads;
  • yellow beads;
  • green beads;
  • 0.3 mm wire;
  • floss thread, in order to collect water lily flower.

Driving to the French biseropleteniyaNachnemmanufacture of large white petals. To do this, take the wire length of 15-20 centimeters, and type it 3 centimeters beads. This bead will be the basis of our tab. Then prepare a long wire and also its type on the beads around 40 centimeters long. Next, begin to attach to the main thread bead wire. We need to make sharp lily petals, using the French technique of weaving series (see diagram).
To do this, wrap the beads around the base beads,screwing it on both sides to the same wire, which he dialed. On each side of the bead core must dial four rows of beaded filaments. The result is a white bead lily petal. Such large petals needed to make eight pieces. We continue our weaving flower lily by making four petal less. The base of the petals will be two and a half centimeters.
The next type of petals is also the basis of length2.5 centimeters, but at the bottom you have to add a little bit of pink beads. Such petals also make four pieces. Number of rows of beads should be the same in all types of petals. That is, all you have to do four of the arc after the main series. As you can see, water lily weaving simple scheme is also not difficult to understand. This technique is available, even for beginners.

And another type of water lily petals, which werequired to have only two centimeters length basis and rounded end. At the base of the petals is also necessary to put pink beads. Such petals make six pieces. After harvesting of petals finished, it is necessary to make the middle of a water lily. To do this, make a circle of small diameter, and then a couple of rows, which close the circle.
We continue beading by producing stamensfor our lilies. Take the thin wire, and type on it seven beads. Then nanizhite another, leaving her apart from the rest, spend the same end of the wire backflow through the first seven beads. Then, the free end of the wire recruit seven more beads for the next stamens. Eighth beads close a number, as in the first case. We promote the beads to the already finished stamens, and get a second stamen. Using this technique, we perform the number of stamens, which consider it necessary.

When all the parts are ready, you can begin to assembleflower. Collecting water lily, it is necessary to perform the instructions which follow from the particular scheme. For the convenience of assembly expand all the petals on a horizontal surface. We start with the assembly of the flower that we join together and roll up all the stamens, gradually adding the petals. We need to tie a thread, first the smallest of them, firmly connecting them with stamens.
Then add the petals larger andfollowing more. So do as long as we collect all the petals together and get lily flower. These petals are bolted to a common basis with the help of thread. After the end of the petals in a flower assembly, carefully unfold them, shaping the present lilies.
Now weave leaf water lilies. In order to make this foundation, which consists of three rigid wires twisted with each other and lie in one plane. Also, to fasten the wire based on this, which must be positioned vertically to the plane of bases. It will be a leg, by which the sheet is kept. Now we collect in the long wire a large number of green beads, and fasten it to the end of the strut mounting base. Then we will make a circular motion. Fix the beading thread clockwise and counterclockwise, forming an incomplete circle. It is a form of partial circle has a lily pad. To make sheet 14 rows of beads.

Driving weaving leaf lilies
Leaf finished weave, cut and clenchedwire. So, our lily Bead ready. We finish our master class in weaving lilies. Some of our visitors have a desire to weave not water lily and lotus beads. The fact is that these two plants are very similar to each other. But Lotus looks a little different because it does not lie directly on the water, as the water lily. The leaves and lotus flowers are raised above the water is high enough. Therefore, it must be put into the container is not as we do with water lilies. To take a small water lily crystal or glass bowl with high edges, about three centimeters.

Pour into it stones and beads, and fill themtransparent adhesive. Who will keep the entire structure. Leaves and flowers of water lilies were placed directly on the adhesive surface, as if they are on the surface of the water. If we make a long stem that holds the leaves and flowers, instead of water lilies, we will lotus beads. So we finished our work on water lilies and lotus weaving beads. We strongly recommend that you do not forget to watch the accompanying video tutorial materials.

Video: Learn how to weave beads lily