Attic doll - 3 master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Attic doll - 3 master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

An attic doll, or a doll from an attic is a stitched toy that grows old by hand, artificially. cherdachnaya-kykla-63The effect that must be achieved when creatingsuch dolls with their own hands - is to get an "old toy", slightly worn and slightly crumpled, soaked in the smells of the house. That is, in fact, new toys look like they've been used extensively for many years. attic Of course, sewing attic dolls is not for games- they decorate the house or use them as a pleasant and original gift. Sew such a toy with their own hands is not at all difficult, the master class will be similar to sewing a doll-Tilda. However, it should be borne in mind that it can be not only a doll, but also any other toy in the form of an animal or any character. 324General stages of the master class for the creation of an attic doll:

  • Cutting out toy patterns from cardboard or paper;
  • transfer templates to the prepared fabric;
  • cutting out parts from paper;
  • stitching of separate parts of the toy - legs, hands, head, trunk;
  • filling the doll with internal material;
  • stitching toys;
  • decorative stage.

Product aging

The material from which the doll is made,aged with the help of tea or, more often, coffee decoction. Different masters make the staining at different stages. One is easier to prepare the fabric in advance, even before the transfer of templates - soak for a while in the decoction of coffee, and then gently dry and afterwards start to actually create the doll with your own hands. cherdachnaya-kykla-61There is another way - to make oldproduct. That is not completely ready, of course, but a toy that has already "found a body." To do this, in the decoction of coffee, moisten the sponge and apply to the toy, gently soaking the fabric in such a way that the filler remains as dry as possible. After that, the doll must be carefully dried - either suspended in the air, or put in the oven for 10-15 minutes. With the oven you need to be careful - you can dry it already with a semi-dry product, which should be placed on the foil, and make sure that the fabric does not start to burn. cherdachnaya-kykla-62A special flavor of the doll gives a smell. In principle, you can not think about additional aromatization - a solution of coffee will do its job, but you can add other components to it. It can be cinnamon and ginger, thanks to which the smell of the doll will be similar to the flavor of homemade cakes. Next we offer three master classes.

Master class: simple doll without aging

Despite the fact that the very concept of creatingan attic doll with his own hands implies aging, you can do without it if you do not initially use white cloth, but the color of the egg shell or coffee with milk. Such a master class is an excellent option for beginners, who do not want to immediately mess around with solutions and paints. cherdachnaya-kykla-31The doll's body should not be a simple toylong arms and legs, like Tilda's, with a normal-sized limb easier to work with. After the individual details on the sour cream tissue - legs, arms and torso, combined with the head, you need to sew them, using a shallow seam, and then cut out the finished parts, retreating 0.5 cm from the seam. It is necessary to turn out the doll's limbs carefully, andthan they are longer, the harder it is to do. It is better to use a wooden stick for this purpose, so as not to damage the seams. Next, fill the elements with a filler - for example, a synthepon, while remembering that the arms and legs should bend near the body, and therefore should not be packed equally densely along the entire length. The body with the head must be filled equally tightly. Only after this toy is stitched. Clothes for the doll The simplest version is a simple dress: a skirt, a top with sleeves and a collar. The legs of the attic dolls, like Tilde, are usually covered with trousers. The head is appropriate to cover with a cap, the fabric for which does not even need to be ironed. Registration This stage includes sewing hair from yarn, coloring and embroidering the face, dressing and training the doll. It is very easy to shoe such a toy - it's enough to paint shoes with colors, and everything, an attic toy is ready!

Creating a toy in multi-layered clothes

atticThis is a very popular kind of attic dolls thatcan be used as household mascots. The clothes of such a toy, of course, are much more complicated than the previous example, and consists of the following elements:

  • shoes;
  • stockings;
  • trousers;
  • petticoat;
  • dress from the top and bottom;
  • apron.
  • All items, except boots and stockings, are trimmed inedge of a lace ribbon. Stockings must be worn on the doll first and sewed the same way as the legs to the trunk - above. Repeat the master class to create such a toy with their own hands can those who can and likes to sew, and in order to facilitate the task, you can also skip stage staining.

    An attic of old cloth

    attic master class If you still decided to make an attic toy with your own hands by all the rules, give some tips on how to simplify your task:

    • to age the fabric immediately, before cutting out the details;
    • Do not cut your neck, just make a tapering body with your head;
    • transfer to the fabric not only the contours of the patterns, but also note the contours of the drawings - facial features, shoes;
    • to ensure that both parts of the trunk are the same, it is better to use the needles to fasten 2 layers of tissue together to avoid displacement;
    • do not need to fill the hair with all the back space of the head, you can make hair from yarn in small bundles;
    • for greater effect, use for clothes a fabric of flowers, similar to the aged color of the doll itself.

    These tips will allow you to create with your own hands a very simple and effective lofty doll that meets all the rules of the genre. Manufacture of apparel: Try it, and you will succeed!