Loft lamps and chandeliers from pipes - how to do it yourself: master classes

Loft lamps and chandeliers from pipes - how to do it yourself: master classes

If you are thinking to radically change the lookyour room or you want to add a loft chandelier to your home interior, then try to make a chandelier in the loft style of pipes with your own hands! Master classes with photos will help you with this. By the way, the loft settled in the interiors relatively recently - about 60 years ago, and to this day it is interesting with a variety of design concepts. It is appropriate both in large studios, where the living room is combined with the dining room, and in small rooms. Loft-style lamps with their own hands is a compromise between fashion and style, extravagance and everyday life. Usual objects appear before us in a newlight - this is the loft lamp with your own hands. A special feature are long chains for hanging from the ceiling, non-standard lampshades or compositions from a variety of simple lamps and use. It is quite simple to make a loft-style lamp out of pipes, read the 4th master class - see for yourself! The content of the article:

Master Class No. 1: Brass Chandelier Loft

Materials and tools

  • 5 large pear-shaped bulbs;
  • 10 brass (copper) tubes - 5 short and 5 long;
  • fitting for tube diameter;
  • 1 longest brass tube - suspension axis (to the ceiling);
  • 5 adjustable brass hinges;
  • 5 ceramic bulbs for bulbs;
  • two-core connecting wire (to freely pass into copper tubes);
  • electrical cable;
  • insulating tape;
  • screwdriver.

Technology manufacturing chandeliers Step 1

  • We do the wiring. To do this, unscrew the caps of the cartridges and connect the wires to each of them, as shown in the photo.
  • We pass the wires through the tubes, then with the help of hinges we connect short tubes with long ones.
  • Cut off the wire, leaving a few centimeters for stranding with the main cable that will be connected to the electrical grid on the ceiling.
  • The edge of the tube is screwed into the cartridge.
  • Step 2.

    • Screw the “legs” of the future chandelier into the fitting and do the wiring again: we twist the white wires with the white core and the black wires with black one, as shown in the photo. We wrap current-carrying parts with tape.
    • Carefully fill the cable inside the main brass tube, which will hold the chandelier. We fix on the ceiling. Already after all we twist bulbs.

    The result is an urban chandelier that combines the simplicity and elegance of an industrial or lift style with the light of large lamps. Beautiful loft-style pendants come from ordinary glass bottles, how to make such a chandelier in the photo below - read the article “

    Master class number 2: Loft chandelier from pipes

    Following modern lighting trends, you needtake into account the efficiency of not only energy-saving lamps, but also the chandeliers themselves. For example, from scrap materials - try to make a simple, bright, ergonomic lamp in the style of a loft made of polymer water pipes by reading the following workshop. Materials and tools

  • Ceiling outlet;
  • 12 splitters (lamp holders);
  • polymer pipes
  • 12 small light bulbs;
  • spray can with gold paint (or any other);
  • paper or newspaper.
  • Assembly process Step 1.

    • To begin with, we will develop a model of the chandelier and connect all the splitters to each other.
    • Only your imagination works here, but you can make a symmetrical chandelier, creating a tree structure, i.e. screw in on each side the same number of rounds (branches).

    Step 2.

    • Spread paper or newspapers to paint a future chandelier.
    • We paint with spray can from all sides. Leave to dry.

    If necessary, after drying, you can paint over the second layer. We paint over the ceiling outlet from the front. Step 3. After everything is dry, you can attach the chandelier to the ceiling. If you are satisfied with its appearance, then twist the light bulbs and enjoy your creation! Over time, maybe you want to change it - then you can make another combination of branches and the chandelier will shine in a new way!

    Master class number 3: table lamp loft of pipes

    Reliable, easy to make table pawin industrial style suitable for work in the office or at home. It practically “sheds” cold or warm white light through the pipeline, during which it is pleasant to work or practice one’s hobby. Tools and materials

  • One long nipple;
  • one short nipple;
  • 6 squares for pipes;
  • 6 short nipples for connecting squares;
  • 3 sanitary tees;
  • electric drill;
  • cord with socket and switch;
  • glue gun (hot glue);
  • insulating tape.
  • Instructions for making Step 1.

  • First you need to clean all the pipes with white spirit or a special cleaner, if there are stickers, you must remove them.
  • During work, the cord with the switch will have to be pulled through the pipes, so for now we will cut the switch - it will be put in place later.
  • Step 2.

    • Insert the lamp into the socket and pull the cord through the square.
    • To keep the cartridge with the lamp, we fasten it with a glue gun, filling the cavity in the square, as shown in the photo.
    • It is necessary to fill accurately, without reaching a carving.
    • Leave the glue to dry.

    Step 4. Prepare a hole for the cord on the other side. To do this, an electric drill will drill a hole in one of the tees. First, imagine how the lamp will stand on the table, only then mark the point of drilling and drill a part. Step 5.

    • We assemble the pipes along threads using nipples, as shown in the photo.
    • It should be: 4 corners, as the base of the desk lamp, 3 tees are twisted together, the factory opening is directed upwards, and made, on the contrary, downwards, from the invisible side.
    • Two nipples are interconnected - this is the lamp holder. In the course of the assembly, we pull the cable through the tubes.

    Step 6. Parse the switch that was cut. We pull out the old wires and with the help of electrical tape make a new twist, connecting the ends of the wires to the appropriate channels in the switch. Again, collect switch. Step 7. Check how the switch works and whether the appearance and stability of the lamp suit you. If something is wrong, in such a practical design it is easy to fix by turning the parts. A steady, comfortable and completely unexpected designer lamp with your own hands can safely be called an indispensable companion of your evenings! You can also make a very stylish desk lamp from copper pipes or empty bottles, a master class of these 2 lamps is in the material

    Master class number 4. Industrial style lamp

    If you like products with productiondesign, if you want to install industrial lamps in your home or in the garage - look at the next workshop and, most likely, you will see what you have been looking for. Simplicity of manufacturing and urban design. Instruments

    • Luminaire with grille;
    • 2 black plumbing nipples;
    • conductive cable;
    • sanitary square and tee;
    • 2 metal flanges for the diameter of the cartridge;
    • Screws and screwdriver.

    Installation Instructions Step 1.

  • Remove the grille from the lamp. If she comes to your interior - you can leave. Remove the cartridge.
  • Attach a metal flange to the cartridge, as shown in the photo.
  • Step 2. Consistently connect the details of the chandelier: a flange, to it a tee, then a nipple, a corner, again a nipple, connected to the second flange, all the while pulling the wire through the tubes. Step 4. Check the length of the cord from the outlet to the height at which the chandelier will be installed. While you will not be satisfied with the height of the switch - do not attach the lamp to the cartridge. Vary the cable length until you find the optimal length. After that, you can do a twist. Step 5. We fix the flange on the wall with screws and a screwdriver, since the design is not very heavy. It turns out, the wire hangs down just from the tee hole. Turn on the outlet and enjoy a small design element in the style of a big city! Loft style chandeliers focus attentiontechnical solutions, clarity of form, without undue solemnity, pomp. This is the style of a big city, spacious household premises, where there is no luxury, but there should be a lot of light and work, creativity.

    What else can you make loft lamps

    Loft style chandeliersThey deny grandness and chic, but they fit well into home and other interiors due to the continuity of modern trends and, of course, to the mites of everyone who makes it. From wood Also a very simple loft-style lamp, as in the photo above can be made of wood - a master class in the article. From plastic Recycling theme is very relevant in the loft style. For this fit different jars and bottles. We also have ready-made ideas and master classes. From glass and wood Glass and wood are favorite and frequently used.materials in the loft. Therefore, the lamp created from them will always look harmonious and stylish. Make such a cult thing as in the photo above -.