Embroidery for Beginners at home (photos)

Embroidery for Beginners at home (photos)


Embroidery - a modern revolution in the worldArt. Until the XIX century needlewoman embroidering hand patterns on clothes and household items. While not presented the first sewing machine that embroiders various designs in France. Since
It has taken a worthy place in the world of this craft. Today it is the most popular way to quickly and accurately create any image on canvas.
Embroidered paintings are a wonderful gift,because the sewing machine can pass thorough the whole reality of the image, which is not always possible to manually umelitsy. The work of the unit does not require special skills possession of a needle. Enough to buy high-quality embroidery equipment and learn how to regulate it.
If you wish to create a marvelous mistresspaintings on contemporary embroidery equipment, then you need to read some recommendations on the choice of consumables, equipment and work styles in machine embroidery. Our master class will help in this.

Selecting embroidery equipment

Sewing machines for embroidery are divided into two types:
Professional (for businesses)
This high-end equipment and is designed toproducing multiple images simultaneously. several heads and needles are introduced into the machine, wide hoop to create large paintings. Such equipment can embroider different styles - the beads, rope, sequins. Professional machines operate quickly and efficiently, but are quite expensive and bulky for home use.

Embroidery machine embroidery for beginnersIt should start with the work on small household sewing machines. The difference between this unit in a low speed and the possibility to embroider only one product at a time. In addition, near the operating unit must be present person at the right time to make a change of the upper thread.

Machines for different embroidery

Available chassis embroidery machine is conducted byaid masters, which holds the hoop with canvas and sends them to the beat of the machine. On the equipment exposed to a specific task, but experience embroiderers plays a huge role in the creation of the painting.
The most popular computer embroidery underwaymachine directly, which puts the program designer. Embroidery equipment is connected to a computer, where are displayed intricate designs schemes are unique patterns and photorealistic images.
With the help of computer embroidery, you can createportraits, stunning landscapes, images of animals, birds and plants. The computer program can create the most original image, that is capable of human imagination.
In the video you can see how to create machine embroidery.


To embroider pattern on the sewing equipment, you need to purchase some consumables:

  • thread for embroidery. They are chosen depending on the fabric and sewing method. Most popular - polyester, viscose and acrylic yarns;
  • canvas for embroidery. Take a canvas and fleece (detachable or inseparable);
  • for complex patterns or a certain tissue need additional consumables such as Termogaz, water-soluble film or adhesive spray;
  • for creating Photo Stitch software is required, by which the wizard will create photorealistic designs for embroidery images. Such programs can be downloaded from the Internet.

Subtleties in machine embroidery

Available chassis machine embroidery for beginners
Free-running machine-start vyshivkaDlyawoven fabric must be secured in the hoop. On the fabric coated figure, which will be machine sewn. The fabric should be very taut, so that the needle could accurately punching fabric and stitch was flat.
If the big picture, then the fabric is shifted to the next section until the entire pattern will be embroidered. Small pieces of fabric doshivayut to the hoop can tightly capture the entire web with a pattern.
The embroidery machine for beginners, there is onerule. An expert should try to work on the machine without thread at minimum power, since the first time there may be errors when embroidering, the needle may break and tear thread. To this end, the hoop under the needle put in the machine and start gently and slowly withdraw operating under the canvas, creating a drawing of a needle. When the mistress feel confident in working with embroidery equipment, then it is possible to thread and embroidery full.

Video: free running machine embroidery

Embroidery and its types

Computer embroidery Photo Stitch quality depends on several important factors:

  • high-quality photos, which will make the master design;
  • ability to work in a still image editor;
  • selection of quality materials for the job.

The photo should be chosen with a very clearimage. In the foreground must be a major facility for embroidery (faces, objects, landscape), or during editorial photos will be difficult to remove the background.
Further, the photo must be treated in thecomputer program. One of the best programs and understandable - Pattern Maker. Master should be closely monitored for a change in tone in the scheme and the final result is a high-quality design work on the machine.
To Photo Stitch photostich used machinery,ie "photorealistic" embroidered image, which is obtained by a very snug fit stitches of a certain length, designed along the lines of the graphic. The technique can be used as two color yarns and few. That is, the pattern embroidered on the photos can be in sepia, monochrome or color.
Embroidery paintings by photostich technology means excellent knowledge in working with the photo editor in Photoshop program, Paint, Photo, corelDRAW.
Modern needlewoman often move on to machine embroidery cross. Quality embroidered paintings remains at a high level, and the skilled worker can do the job much faster.
Causes of defects on the embroidered pictures

  • incorrectly selected hoop size, poorlystretched fabric, threads stretched in the machine correctly, embroidery needle size is not correct, the speed specified for operation, wrong, wrong selected stabilizer;
  • improper planning change stitch length, the majority of short stitches, the high density of overlapping stitches;
  • initially thorough processing of images and the creation of professional design, circuit, will not allow to prevent errors in the next embroidery.

Openwork Openwork embroidery machine embroidery machine, in French - slotted, so patterns, embroidered with a very light and airy on this technology.

carved openwork
Proreznaya expanse
Hemstitch Openwork can create several types:

  • Richelieu. With Brides and without this pattern, which is trimmed with embroidery or satin, cut around the fabric;
  • Banner. This formation of an openwork mesh, which is produced by the contraction of thread on a particular method;
  • Carved openwork. Inserted net slotted fabric and sewn to form a pattern;
  • Proreznaya expanse. It creates holes on the tissue located in a specific order. Then holes are processed satin cushion;
  • Hemstitch. Yarn pulled out from the tissue in a certain order, then remaining on the fabric are joined, as expected pattern.
  • Openwork embroidery can be decorated with other styles, so it is often combined in combination with a variety of techniques. The video presents the types of openwork embroidery.
    Before work on the openwork embroidery machineshould be set to a specific mode. To do this, remove the presser foot and rail equipment put on the embroidery mode and carry out all the necessary processes.
    Modern machine embroidery can createmany original works. If umelitsy learn how to use your skills in this needlework, then it can safely recommend their work, thereby to establish a very successful business.

    Video: machine embroidery Richelieu