Machine for embroidering beads with your own hands (photo and video)

Machine for embroidering beads with your own hands (photo and video)


, Which appeared a long time ago, and now continuesTo remain one of the most popular hobby for many needlewomen. Beaded paintings and clothes are a wonderful decoration and a real object of pride of their owners. Such things always attract attention and are a true joy to the eyes. In addition, products made with their own hands are also valued because they carry the energy that is transmitted from the person in the course of this delightful, soothing work. However, those who are at least familiar with the skill of embroidery know firsthand how much a good machine and other various accessories mean in the process of making embroidery. After all, they help to turn this monotonous process out of routine into a pleasant pastime, while also facilitating and speeding up the work. And a well-thought-out workplace will protect you from possible health problems, such as poor health, headache and vision loss.

Embroidery with beads is very convenient when both hands are free. Therefore, in the process of work, special accessories specially designed for this purpose will be useful -
. The machine can either be designed at home from improvised tools, or you can buy it already ready in the store.

Machine Types

Embroidered Embroidery MachineStart making a machine with your own hands or go for it to the store, you need to decide which machine you need. To do this, decide where exactly you will embroider and what space you can allocate for this. Much also means how much time you are going to spend at work. For beginner embroiderers who only try themselves in this fascinating occupation, any simple form of this design will do. But if the time spent by you for the process of embroidery is daily calculated in hours, then the requirements for quality and comfort that the machine should meet must be the most serious.
Depending on the location in the processWork, machine tools are divided into three types: desktop, sofa and floor. There are also quite popular combinations of several kinds. In this case, the machine can be, for example, a sofa-table. Universal designs are in great demand due to their undeniable convenience.
Tabletop machine
Table-top machine for embroideryThis machine is used for embroidery at the table. In this case, the position of the embroidery in relation to the master can vary:

  • In the first variant the frame on which is sewnBasis, is at eye level. At the same time, the hands rest on the table with their elbows. Accordingly, they are free, and the load on them is minimal, which allows you not to tire for a long time and continue to work more time;
  • In the second variant, the bottom of the frame is slightlyBelow the level of the table. Both hands, like in the first, are free, but are already on weight, although they do not rise much up, which also prevents them from getting tired quickly. However, each needlewoman herself chooses which option she will have more to taste.

Sofa Machine
Floor milling machineMany mastersPrefer it. After all, the embroidery process, sitting on the couch, is the most comfortable of all. In this case, the embroiderer sits on the sofa, and the legs of the machine are on both sides of it. The frame is located at eye level. You can also sit on the bed, and if the machine is small, then on the chair.
Floor-standing machine This kind of construction is made so,That his leg is on the floor. The needlewoman either sits or stands. Best of all, this machine is suitable in cases where the frame is too large, and its placement on a table or sofa presents inconvenience. Also it will have to come in handy, if there is not a sofa or a table in the room, or you want to do outdoor work, for example, in a private plot, in the shade of trees.

How to make a machine with your own hands

If you decide to try to make the machine yourHands, then first learn the models and take yourself some kind of sample. If you want and design abilities, it can be supplemented and improved. Then decide on the choice of material. The machine can be metal or wooden. The metal, of course, is more wear-resistant and durable, but it's easier to make wood. In addition, the machine from beech or oak will also serve you long, will not bend or crack.
For example, you decided to make a decision with your husbandWooden floor stand on two legs. From the tools you will need a drill, a jigsaw and a stapler. The process itself will be reduced to manufacturing a frame and legs. Ram can be made several if necessary.

  • For the lower part of the legs you need two brusksLength of 30 cm. On these slats with a drill you need to make two holes for screws with a diameter of 0.5 cm. From the edge to the center of the first hole, take 1.5cm, to the center of the second - 6cm;
  • For the top of the legs make four more of the same bar. Drill two holes from both edges with the same diameter (0.5 cm) at a distance of 1.5 cm from the edge to the center of the hole;
  • For the side parts of the frame from the same rake doTwo more bars of the same length (30 cm). They will need to drill three holes - in the center for fastening to the legs, and at the edges - for fastening to the horizontal frame elements;

  • From the same reiki we make one moreBar, the length of which will depend on the width of the frame plus 10 cm (five on each side for the width of the bars and cylinders). On each side of this bar you need to screw in a screw 8-10 cm in length;
  • Next, you need some round billet 3 cm in diameter. From it, you need to make two pairs of cylinders - 3 and 2 cm high. These cylinders are needed for fixing the structural parts;
  • From the same workpiece you need to make horizontal frame elements. The length is arbitrary. On them, again screw the screws 6-8 cm in length;
  • When all the parts are made, it remains only to assemble the finished machine using conventional furniture screws, lambs and washers;

  • We connect separately a frame from the made bars and cylinders;
  • Two legs, each consisting of three bars of 30Cm (from clauses 1 and 2), are fastened as follows: at first, cylinders 2 cm high are attached to the bars of item 1 (into holes drilled 6 cm apart). Then, in the holes drilled at a distance of 1.5 cm, the following bars from point 2 are screwed in. Next, a third is fastened to the second pair of bars using the seventh, longest bar;
  • Finally, the finished lower part is connected to the frame by means of two other cylinders 3 cm high.

  • The machine is ready!

    What to look for when buying a machine

    Buying a machine in a store, you need to remember thatThe main advantage of a good machine is a large range of adjustment possibilities. The frame on which the base is fixed must move well up and down, and also rotate under different angles and planes. This determines the ability to choose the most comfortable position for a particular case and allows you to do the job in the best possible quality. Good placement means that the back and arms are in the most comfortable position, and the distance to the embroidery is sufficient to not strain your eyes and see the circuit well. Also, you need to ensure that you do not have to go far to the organizers, where there are additional accessories - threads, needles, markers and other simplifying the process of embroidery elements.

    An important point to consider when buyingMachine for embroidering with your own hands, this is turning the frame on the wrong side. It should be convenient and simple. Ideal option is the position of the frame with a rotation of 180 degrees, at which it continues to be at the same height and plane as it was on the front side. Modern accessories to support the product during embroidery, as a rule, are very convenient in terms of turning on the wrong side. But many designs for turning the product to the wrong side need to loosen the appropriate bolts. Twisting them should be good, so that the machine was level and not dangling. Although this operation does not present any particular difficulties, this additional action somehow complicates the work and tightens it, which should also be taken into account when choosing a machine.

    Also pay attention to the frame. It can be of any size, but the most optimal from the point of view of convenience is the width of not more than 70 cm. As for the very embroidery, the way of fastening to the frame will depend on its dimensions in relation to this frame itself. If the product is small and its width is not more than the width of the frame, it is sewn to the top and bottom bars in the normal view for the needlewoman. However, theoretically, embroidery can have any width - the main thing is that its length fits into the width of the frame. In this case, the product should be sewn by turning it 90 degrees. Further it is necessary to embroider not a whole series at once, but separate columns. Fortunately, embroidery with beads is good and that does not represent any difficulties for this. After the bar is stitched, it needs to be scrolled, making room for the next fragment. To do this, loosen the bolts on the vertical frame members and turn the product up (or down). It's great if the machine is made so that the frame can be changed when the size of the embroidery base requires it. Also there are machines in which the width of the frame itself, if necessary, varies.

    Other useful accessories

    In addition to machine tools, manufacturers and privateEntrepreneurs offer and many other accessories that simplify and facilitate handicrafts. Be sure to ensure that the lamp is attached to the machine. This will not tighten your eyesight. There are also special loops that allow you to carefully and in detail examine the pattern of embroidery. Some embroiderers purchase two lamps at once: one for the scheme, one for embroidery. Lately, there have appeared very convenient lamps-magnifiers, giving a good increase and allowing you to easily examine all parts of the circuit while embroidering yourself.
    Companies manufacturing various accessories forEmbroidery, represent today a very large selection of machines and other useful things. When choosing them, remember that depending on how you organize your workplace, your emotional disposition will directly depend, and hence the quality of the work.

    Video: embroidery machines with their own hands