Machine Embroidery - a handy device with their own hands

Machine Embroidery - a handy device with their own hands


To get a real work of art,created with his own hands, it is necessary to secure a comfortable work place, where you can comfortably create another masterpiece. To do this, you need to create the most comfortable place for embroidery, all the necessary materials and tools are at hand. At the same time we can not ignore the burden on the body, where it is exposed to as a result of a long, sedentary work.
Cross stitch beaded or very longprocess, so to facilitate the work of the ideal option would be to purchase a special machine for embroidery. If you have to embroider a large canvas, for example,
, The embroidery machine is an excellent tooloperation. In - First, you have your hands will be free, which will accelerate the process of embroidery. Comfortable sitting position when using the machine for embroidery will reduce the burden on the body. Good lighting also plays an important role in the work. Embroidery machines are equipped with special axles, which allow you to change the slope of the embroidery, according to the consecration. Make a machine for embroidery can be yourself using a specially designed drawing or book in a carpentry workshop. On sale you can find a large variety of machines for embroidery, but the best option is to make a machine to fit their individual characteristics. Master - class in its manufacture with their own hands in this article will be considered below.

Types of industrial machines for embroidery

They are classified into types, depending on thewhere you prefer to embroider. If you work in a specific location, such as near a window, then you will approach a floor machine, it can be fixed on the floor and move to another room only when necessary.
Divan machine is suitable for those who love to embroider, sitting in a chair or on the couch.

The easiest machine for embroidery - table. It is suitable for those embroiderers who prefer to work in different rooms, such a machine is convenient to carry and even take with you on trips.
Equally important when choosing a machine forEmbroidery is what exactly you want to embroider. Desktop design intended for embroidery small products, this kind of support for embroidery, which is fixed on the table with the help of various devices. If you want to embroider a large canvas cross or beads, or, for example,
You fit floor machines and sofas. They are generally larger than the table, cloth and they are uniformly stretched tight, which ensures accurate and high-quality work after embroidery.
No matter which model you for embroiderychoose for yourself, you need to pay close attention to its alignment. Machine embroidery with high quality free regulation will speed up the process of embroidery, reduce stress on the body due to the fact that it will be adjusted exactly to your specifications. All of these types of machines for embroidery can be done with their own hands, with the necessary materials.

Divan machine embroidery

Like any machine designed to fixEmbroidery process in a certain place and position. It is known also under the names or chair-bed machine. It is a wooden frame in various sizes, mounted on legs, which are bolts. Transposing these bolts can adjust the desired location and the height of the machine for embroidery. The side frame rails located holes for the fixing screws that allow to adjust the stitch width. Additional holes for them, you can make your own.

Depending on the design of the machine for embroidery,frame on it can be rotated about its axis and fixed at the desired degree. Divan machine, you can also put on the table and if you are tired of embroider in the chair.
When working on the desk frame the embroidery isat eye level, elbows rest on the desk and his hands are freed to work. The frame can be lowered and down the table, but a little increase the load on the back, as well as sewing on the couch, when you have to bend over, if the stand is not adjusted properly.
Divan version can be equipped with additionaldevices, for example, stand for embroidery, fixed to the machine for embroidery, will quickly find the necessary tools. In shops for crafts, you can also find Divan machine for round hoop. It is a height-adjustable leg, which is fixed on top of round hoop for embroidery. Below it is equipped with a special stand, which is fixed under the legs of the sofa or chair. These machines are made mainly of beech and hoop they come in a variety of diameters.

Desktop version of machines for embroidery

Desktop tools is useful whenWork takes place in different locations. Machine embroidery can be moved from room to room and even take with you on trips, if small. Model name itself says that it is attached to the table, although it can be mounted on any flat surface, if space allows. In shops such machines are available in different versions.

Table machine for round hoop isa structure consisting of height-adjustable feet (stand for embroidery), the fixing mechanism and the hoop itself, which are of different diameters. This machine is suitable for use on small products.
For embroidery tapestry paintings or largepaintings used a square table model. It consists of the side rails, which are attached Tapestry hoop, and a mechanism for attaching to the surface. Rotating frame for embroidery rotates 360 degrees and locks at the desired angle and tilt. Table view, as well as a sofa, you can improve, has attached to it an additional device for comfortable stitching.

Floor machines

Such models are called "workplaceembroiderer "because they are provided for fixing the location of a particular - of its considerable size. Such machines for embroidery are best placed in well-lit areas, such as near a window so that when the work can be used in natural light.
Floor saw this stand, to whichmounted frame, round or Tapestry hoop. It is fully adjustable design, which can be fixed in any position. Install convenient for embroidery height, place the work at the correct angle, the frame can be rack, which can be attached to the tools needed for embroidery: a magnifying glass, the needle bar holder for schemes, flashlight, organizers for the thread. Dimensions floor design allows to equip it with additional improvements. That is such a machine allows skilled workers to keep all the accessories in order and always have on hand all necessary for work.
A great advantage of this is his workplaceheavy weight, which makes it very stable. There are less bulky, floor machines, which are similar to the sofa, just opportunities to upgrade their not from - for small sizes. They also consist of a stand and legs with the fixings to the hoop at an altitude higher only than the table and the sofa. Given the fact that such jobs are worth a lot of money, they can do with their hands, using available materials and assembly drawing. How to do it, tell the master - a class below.

Universal machine for embroidery with their hands

The benefits of this kind are obvious: small material cost, ease of assembly, homemade machine embroidery can be made to fit your needs.
What you need to buy for its manufacture? Wooden rails, fasteners (bolts and screws), anti-slip fit over the legs of rubber (for floor or desktop version).

You will need to work a drill and jigsaw, drilling mounting holes and production rails. The dimensions of the machine for embroidery you can define yourself, based on your needs.
First, we need to stand under the hoop - front desk,to which is attached the frame. For its manufacturing take 4 long and 2 short rails and collect into a single structure by means of bolts. Our stand should look like this: two short rails, each of which is attached by two long slats, ie one short account for two long slats. Positioning they need from each other at a distance that corresponds to the length of the frame.
To make a frame to which is attached the fabric for embroidery, you need to take 4 rail the desired length, and are also connected to each other by bolts in the form of a rectangle.
Now, the frame must be attached to the finished rack. Rack attached to the side rails of the frame by means of bolts.
Once the machine is assembled, you can wear rubber tips on the legs.
This is the easiest way to manufacture the machine for embroidery, fixed model is obtained (ie, unregulated), and is suitable for the simplest work on embroidery.
For more complex jobs fit the same methodmanufacturing, only the frame will need to be installed on a rotating "yokes" and make the legs with adjustable height. How to make a more complex, but also multi-functional design can be seen on the video.

Video: embroidery machines with their own hands