Magnolia beads with your hands in the master class (photo)

Magnolia beads with your hands in the master class (photo)


Focusing on the natural diversity of trees,You can find many examples for inspiration to masters, who owns the art of beading. Superb magnolia beads should be sure to fill up your collection of beaded trees. Taking the the master class, you will be able at its sole discretion to change the height of a tree and weave magnolia flowers in another interesting color combination.

Master class by Pletnev magnolia Bead

Materials and Instumenty plaiting:

  • beads beige;
  • beads brown;
  • green beads;
  • beads brown;
  • Beading wire with a diameter of 0.3 millimeters;
  • durable segment of the wire to form the tree trunk;
  • thread;
  • lacquer;
  • gypsum;
  • container "landing";
  • acrylic paints.

Getting a master class. First of all we need to do the main element - magnolia flowers from beads, the whole process of creation which is based on the French beading technique. To do this, take a wire segment twenty centimeters in length and to bend it in a way to have two sections formed at five and fifteen centimeters. Next, you need to twist the long wire section that is shorter to Unas form a loop, as in the photo:

The resulting delays will be short of horsesserve as the axis on which to eight beads strung beige. The second tip of the wire, the one that is longer, we recruit ten beige beads. Further, the axis of the apex, it is necessary to twist two tip. Now, you need to string on a long tip of the next ten beige beads and wire to make a coil-wise beads at the bottom of the axis. We strung about seventeen beige beads (there may be more or less, depending on what size of beads you choose) and do the following arc about the initial. Further, another arc forming the same number of beads.

Lepestochek almost ready, we only need to wrap the top of the axis extending to the outer side of the petals and cut is not necessary.

To make a flower, weave so five petals. Total for our small magnolia tree, we need three flower.
We turn to the creation of the stamens. Take the length of the wire in the twenty centimeters long and strung him twelve beads brown. Move the lowest for any of the tips of the wires and form a loop, twisting the ends of the wire at its base. Next, the following is done similarly loops, each of which is composed of the twelve beads. Total weave six loops. The ends of the wires must be twisted together with one another. The core of our flower is almost ready.

Now, take a wire and cut off from it tencentimeters. In this segment, we collect a brown bead and twist the wire ends underneath. Threading a workpiece into stamens and middle, magnolia Bead ready.

In the same way, as we wove stamens needdo sepals, using green beads. Each loop consists of eleven beads. A total of wire segments do six loops. After the formation of loops, twist the ends of the wire together.

Formation of our flower begin withjoining together all the braided preforms. Take serdtsevinku and begin to consistently connect to her petals, behind which are the sepals.

It is also necessary to create a magnolia Beadbuds. To do this, prepare the cut wires fifteen centimeters in length and type on it thirty-five beads beige. We form one long loop. Then, create another loop of the twenty beads brown. Slazhivaem obtained tabs on each other, connect the wires underneath and form a bud twisting between a beaded loop spiral, as in the photo. We make seven of these buds.

Connect with each other a few buds and complete them in the sepals.
Use reliable segment of the wire, we need to make base for the barrel and screw by flowers and flower buds, stems tightly wrapped wire strands.

Prepare the plaster mixture, put in our treeprepared container and pour the solution. We look forward to when the ground is dry. Additionally prepare another plaster solution and use it to start your own hands to shape the trunk and branches of a tree, using a brush. After finishing the process data, use colors for color adjustment finished barrel. Fix the result with the help of acrylic varnish.

Thus it turns out tiny beads of magnolia.

Video: Learning weaving magnolia tree beads