Make your snowflake in the technique of quilling from paper: handmade crafts

Make your snowflake in the technique of quilling from paper: handmade crafts

The craft of a unique quilling snowflake Scheme of a unique quilling snowflake. Photo №1 When the New Year holidays are close, we wantmake something new and special for your home, work or place where we are most often. There is a desire to convey the atmosphere of the holiday and, therefore, it is necessary to develop their own crafts, which will best describe the events happening on Christmas Eve. To do this, you may need a quilling technique, which is an ideal way to create beautiful and interesting crafts. Quilling is the ability to create unique design elements with the help of specialized, flexible paper. It forms various forms, with which you can create voluminous and unique pictures. This technique is also ideal for developing your own snowflakes. At the same time, their shapes and sizes can be unique, and most importantly - beautiful.

For work we need specialized materials:

  • Quilling paper
  • Scissors for cuts
  • Torsion Tool (Toothpick)
  • 1 piece of a 15-centimeter line (central spiral)
  • 8 pieces 7,5 centimeter line (beams for a snowflake)
  • 4 pieces 15 centimeter line (for the shape of the spiral)
  • 4 pieces 7,5 centimetric line (for the form of a droplet)
  • 4 pieces of a 5-centimeter line (for the shape of the eye)

Forms for snowflakes

Scheme of a unique quilling snowflake. Photo # 2 It is immediately necessary to determine what is basic for eachDetails of quilling are spiral. You can do it in a similar way: you need to insert the end of the paper tape into the slot of our tool. This can be a toothpick, or a special twist tool. After that, start to tighten it tightly into a spiral shape. After, we remove the hand - we get a standard form called "free spiral form". Next, apply glue to the end of our product and fix it. The spiral is prepared. For a snowflake, you need to make a spiral about 15 centimeters long. Next, form the shape of the drop. To do this, repeat all the manipulations and clamp with the fingers one of the edges of the spiral, to get the angle of an acute view of the spiral. Such droplets for snowflakes should be in length by 7, 5 centimeters. The length of such products reaches a size of 7.5 centimeters. After, make the shape of the eye. Only it is necessary to press the spiral part from both sides. There are 4 complete pieces to make. Then, we form the heart. To do this, you need a strip in the length of 15 centimeters, folded in half. Then, fold half of each strip into a spiral shape. The heart turns out. To make the rays of the snowflake, we need a strip of tape at 7.5 centimeters. At one end of the spiral, 3 turns are made. We do the same with other ends. The long part of the strip between the spirals should be 3 centimeters. Details for the snowflakes are ready. We need to prepare one ordinary spiral, four drops, four eye shapes and four heart shapes. Also, form 8 shapes of rays.

We form a snowflake

Scheme of a unique quilling snowflake. Picture №3 We begin to form a snowflake. The rays are glued in pairs in such a way that the spirals peek out. Next, we do the assembly. We take a spiral - it will become the middle of our snowflake. After that, we glue 4 rays of a pair of snowflakes to it. All this is done at right angles. Then, using the place of contact between the two rays, glue the heart shape in the center of the snowflake. Then, unfold the heart. Then, take the shape of the drop and glue it to the middle of the heart. Then, unfold both spirals of the heart inward and glue along the sides of the elements of the drop. Each ray of a snowflake should be made this way. Next, we fix the eyes for the ends of the snowflakes on each side.


Scheme of a unique quilling snowflake. Photo №4 All is ready! The craft of a unique quilling snowflake is over! You can also invent your own snowflake shapes and create a variety of design elements to create your own snowy garden! In addition, you can complement your snowflakes with other "forms". The main thing is to try to make the most symmetrical and interesting elements of snowflakes, then they will look beautiful.