We make a new Christmas tree toy from the old, using the papier-mache technique. Master class with description and photo.

We make a new Christmas tree toy from the old, using the papier-mache technique. Master class with description and photo.

In this Master Class, we will tell you how to make a new Christmas tree toy, decorated in the papier-mache technique, from an old Christmas tree bought in an ordinary hypermarket. Christmas decorations. Photo №1 To do this, we need the following materials (the volume needed in ml is given approximately):

  • 1 color plastic ball
  • 1 PC. wooden stick for a ball (from a Japanese restaurant)
  • then what to insert the sticks for drying - we have this board with holes for the stick
  • sandpaper 150-ka 30 cm square.
  • 20 ml acrylic primer
  • 15 ml acrylic paint red
  • 20 ml acrylic white paint
  • 50 ml. glizol (design composition)
  • brush number 10
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton wheels
  • palette
  • bowl
  • 50 ml PVA adhesive
  • A4 paper, a regular sheet for printing on the printer (we took a printed draft)
  • Wet, well-absorbent cloth about 30 * 30 cm
  • 40 ml acrylic lacquer on a water basis, I use Tikkurila Kiva glossy
  • 55 cm ribbon green satin width 11mm
  • 55 cm red satin ribbon 11 mm wide
  • 55 cm gold braid width 12 mm or gold lace
  • needle
  • threads of gold or beige color
  • lighter

We take an old colored Christmas ball of plastic, decorated with sparkles. Christmas decorations. Photo # 2 Remove the plastic suspension from the top. A small piece of sandpaper, about 3 * 4 cm, under a stream of hot water, we brush the ball, so that the glitter is completely washed off. Christmas decorations. Picture №3 Liquid for removing varnish with cotton woolerasing the color paint. We need to discolor the surface, so that when applying subsequent layers, the color paint does not come through and does not ruin all the work done. Christmas decorations. Photo №4 Sandpaper, a piece about 3 * 4 cm, sand the entire surface of the ball. Our task is to make it rough so that the next layers will do better. Christmas decorations. Photo №5 Acrylic primer, using brush №10cover the surface of the ball, smear all sides. Leave to dry for a couple of hours. Or, to speed up drying - you can blow dry with a hair dryer 5-7 minutes from a distance of 30 cm from the toy. If you use a hair dryer, it is worth waiting for the ball to cool. Christmas decorations. Photo №6 Take a sheet of paper, pour PVA. Christmas decorations. Photo №7 The paper sheet is torn into 4 equal parts, we crumble each and slightly straighten it. Christmas decorations. Photo №8 We take one of the crumpled parts and very quicklyWe glue with PVA glue from both sides. Next - we place the text on the balloon with the text down, and with our hands (with all the fingers except the little finger, we can work with our nails), we form wrinkles, move the paper, if necessary, and continue to form wrinkles from the whole piece of paper. As the paper is soaked, we do everything smartly. We take the next piece and proceed as with the previous one. Paper is superimposed on the already folded surface and we also form wrinkles. The place of the junction of different papers is masked by wrinkles. All this is done with the rest of the pieces of paper. It turns out a ball, all in paper folds. Christmas decorations. Photo Number 9 Leave to dry for + - 12 hours. Christmas decorations. Picture №10 In the palette, mix white and red acrylic colors to make it pink. Christmas decorations. Photo Number 11 We cover with pink acrylic paint the whole surface of the ball, staining the folds. Leave to dry for 3-4 hours. Christmas decorations. Photo number 12 Mix approximately 50 ml of glizali with 5 mgred acrylic paint and cover our ball with a brush. We do this quickly. It's important to smear all the wrinkles! We take a moist, well-wrung, absorbent cloth and lightly moving without pressure on the surface of the ball. You can wrap your hand with a rag and take off excess too. These movements resemble dust rubbing. It turns out - that the excess of the composition remains on the cloth, this is what we need. Attention - do not spend many times on the same place, because the pink paint applied earlier can start to wash off. You do not need to wipe all the cracks, but only remove excess. In the cracks remains clotted glizil and this is the result, which we are trying to achieve. Leave to dry for 3-4 hours. Christmas decorations. Photo №13 Cover the ball with a layer of acrylic lacquer withby spreading the cracks and drying for 1 hour. In the same way, we apply two more layers of varnish and dry it. We have only to sew a bow. First, from the green tape we sew a flower, each ribbon loop as a petal, we collect all the loops in a circle. From above we sew the red loops so that they are located between the green ones. And from above we sew along the circle the golden eyelets so that they are located between the red ones. Christmas decorations. Photo Number 14 Christmas decorations. Photo number 15 We put on a Christmas ball, made at the very beginning of the suspension and on the top of the bow! Christmas tree toy with papier-mache decor - ready !!! Christmas decorations. Photo number 16