We decorate the dresser with the help of Magazine style - photo and master class

We decorate the dresser with the help of Magazine style - photo and master class

Those who have never worked with machinery in their livesdecoupage, certainly heard about its benefits. In fact, the design of any object with the help of decor and pattern is a technique of decoupage. But, thanks to modern knowledge and new opportunities, a whole store of ideas was placed under one heading, with which you can now use the services of decoupage. Decoupage chest in the style of "Magazine" Decoupage dresser So, what is it for? Suppose in your room there is an old, battered life chest, which needs to improve its external characteristics. Or, you bought a new IKEA module, but you need to complete it. Modern decoupage technology allows you to design your own object with your own hands.

Idea for the project

Decoupage dresser This idea is suitable for those who loveto experiment with novelties. For those who have just started mastering the technique of decoupage, it is worthwhile to find out that any material is suitable for this section. Therefore, we will use the material of old newspapers or magazines that we do not need. Choose the best headlines, covers and ideas that will fit into the overall stylistic model of your workpiece. Now, let's get to the right materials

Materials for work

Decoupage dresser For work we will need special tools:

  • Blocks of chopped gates
  • Skin of nazhdachki
  • Rags for work
  • Alcohol
  • Sealant (in order to fill holes)
  • Decoupage glue
  • Sponges-brushes
  • Primer made of polyurethane, clear varnish
  • Leather in three strips for the manufacture of handles

Chest treatment

Decoupage dresser For work we select the version of the "long" chest,which will be painted with the help of magazines and newspapers. It is necessary to prepare a chest of drawers. The skin should be wrung into the handles, then, pour the hole for the handle with the sealant, and then change to new ones. Next, you need to use nazhdachkoy to walk on the surface of our products. It is necessary to clean the chest with a rag with diluted alcohol. Further, with the help of a sponge, it is necessary to apply decoupage glue to accomplish our work on design.

Pasting with newspapers

Decoupage dresser Newspapers must be pre-processed inwater so that they become damp. Next, we put the products of the newspaper on our chest of drawers, then to smooth them. Do not need any tools, just moisten your hands and hold from the center of the newspaper to its edges to fix the paper on the chest of drawers. Air should be thrown out from under the newspaper, using the roller element. Next, let's dry our product throughout the night. After that, you need to take an acrylic lacquer and apply it to our product. It is desirable that it has a polyurethane base. Such layers should be from three to five. Each layer is applied with an interval of one hour. When the primer dries, the handles must be screwed in the right places.


Now, decorate our chest of drawers with the help of graphic elements and put on display in the interior of the apartment! Decoupage chest in the style of "Magazine" is ready!