Make an inscription for your scrapbooking idea. Step-by-step instruction, master class.

Make an inscription for your scrapbooking idea. Step-by-step instruction, master class.

How to make a beautiful inscription on scrapbooking? make a beautiful inscription on scrapbooking. Photo №1 Scrapbooking or CartBucking is a technology thatwhose help you can create unique pictures, beautiful albums and funny cards. But, in order to become a master of your craft, you need to learn all sorts of techniques within scrapbooking possibilities. One of them is the application of names. Aids in the home atmosphere allow us to make scrapbooking interesting and unique. But, most often, many items have to buy or find from friends. To make an inscription on scrapbooking, you can use different methods.

Method 1

make a beautiful inscription on scrapbooking. Photo # 2 To start, you can take advantage ofstickers-pictures. Such in their work are extremely simple. They need only to buy, and then - to apply to the required scrapbooking. At the same time, making your inscription is a whole work. Requires knowledge of calligraphy, as well as the ability to work through each letter. To transfer the inscription to the card, you need to use the services of paper, construction tape. Here there are two solutions to the crossing of such an inscription. But still, how to make a beautiful inscription on scrapbooking? We try so! It is necessary to cut out an inscription, using an adhesive footboard, and then, to paste an inscription on a special scotch (spektroitelny). Then, it is necessary to remove the backing of the lower tape. Then, you need to apply the entire application to the background to the desired location. Then, using a needle, remove the adhesive tape and the background. At this point, you need to press the letters to the stem. This method is imperfect, as it leaves traces inside the letters. Thus, they also need to be cleaned up by themselves, using a needle. In addition, it is difficult to customize the inscription by its location, especially if it consists of several words.

Method 2

make a beautiful inscription on scrapbooking. Picture №3 Another solution is to pastean inscription on the building scotch. But, in the process, it is necessary to remove both the substrate of the tape and the background around the inscription. Next, on the scotch there will be only an inscription or letters. They can be glued to the desired location and then - to remove the adhesive tape element. This method is imperfect because of its complexity. Each letter can be torn in the process of translating a letter to a sheet. But, labels in the form of inscriptions will look more impressive than manual processing. Moreover, they will look in bulk, which will improve the technique of scrapbooking.

Method 3

make a beautiful inscription on scrapbooking. Photo №4 The peculiarity of such sticky inscriptions isThe fact that they can easily be transferred to both a paper base and fabric. Thus, it is very easy to make an original congratulation with such a simple and uncomplicated effect. In addition, you can paste such letters, after printing them on the printer and attaching them to the cardboard. Then, with the help of an adhesive tape, these letters can be connected to the picture. In the end, it turns out a very beautiful and successful version of congratulations. As a result, the inscriptions will play an important role in improving the quality and beauty of your drawing. If you want to make a special gift to your relatives, or a thematic album, a postcard - such a solution will be convenient. In other cases, it is sufficient to only use a substrate for the printed text.