Make-up mirror do it yourself step by step: photos and drawings

Make-up mirror do it yourself step by step: photos and drawings

Makeup mirror will be perfect and desirablea gift for any girl, but finding it is not so easy, and it will be expensive to cost. But to make a make-up mirror with your own hands is quite simple, but still it is better to entrust this responsible matter to the man. Although if you are not a timid one, you can try to make this piece of furniture by using our master class in which we will tell you in detail how to make a make-up mirror with your own hands. Make-up mirror do it yourself Step by step EachA girl who loves to do makeup and wants to look perfect, dreams of her own backlit dressing room mirror with a lot of Hollywood-style light bulbs. After all, they always captured the souls of real fashionistas who, sitting opposite such a mirror and painting their lips with bright lipstick, felt like a real Hollywood beauty. Besides the fact that such a piece of furniture has an aesthetic side, it is also practical, because the make-up room, the mirror was called not at all accidentally. All known makeup artists, stylists and make-up artists use this item to apply makeup. Thanks to the bright white light of the light bulbs around the mirror, all the shadows are removed from the face, and this allows you to make the perfect makeup. The content of the article:

Materials and tools:

And so, for its creation we will need the following materials and tools:

  • The mirror is the right size.
  • 2 wide straight wooden beams, which would correspond to the length of our mirror.
  • Drill.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Blue-white copper wire.
  • Industrial double sided tape.
  • Nippers.
  • Paint, color of your choice.
  • Lamps of 25 watts white matte color, the amount depends on the size of the mirror.
  • Cartridges for light bulbs.
  • Wire plug.
  • Extra fuses for light bulbs.
  • 2.5 cm long bolts to attach the chucks to the frame.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Shoes with rubber soles for safety when making a make-up mirror with backlit do-it-yourself

Step by step production

Step 1

  • In order to make a make-up mirror with bulbs with your own hands, you first need to cut the frame to the size of a mirror from wooden bars by cutting them so that the ends have angles of 45 degrees
  • This is easy to do with the ruler and pencil, making the appropriate notes in advance.
  • Then they need to be well treated with sandpaper, so that they are perfectly smooth.
  • Step 2 To make our makeup mirror withself-made backlighting turned out to be ideal, it is necessary to carefully measure and at the same distance mark for the holes in which the lamp holders will be inserted. Use a drill to carefully drill the holes. It is necessary to make a mark for the holes into be inserted bulbs for bulbs. Step 3 At this stage, we need to paint the frame with wood paint in any color that you choose and that will fit your interior, or you can leave the wooden frame in its original color and simply coat it with wood varnish. Let's paint the future frame whitejust such a mirror looks with a white frame. The mirror itself can be attached with an industrial double sided tape to the frame so that it is held securely. Step 4 First you need to divide a part of the blue from the white wire into pieces of 15 centimeters, and bring them into the holes for the light bulbs. As a result, in each hole should get 2 blue and 2 white wires, as shown in the photo. We display wiring in the holes for light bulbs In each hole of the frame of the mirror should get 2 blue and 2 white wires. Step 5

  • We take the cartridges under the E27 base, or under the E14. But here you need to think in advance which light bulbs will look better and how many of them will be used. This is necessary in order to calculate the required power and wiring with a switch.
  • Now you need to twist the bare copper wires on the corresponding side of the screw cartridge. And then attach each cartridge with a screw to the frame.
  • Now that we have an idea of ​​how to make the wiring and attach the cartridges, let's go back to the plug.

  • We take a long strip of wire, one end will be connected to the first lamp holder in line.
  • The other end will be connected to the plug, while maintaining the appropriate color of the wire.
  • Cartridges for E27 base or E14 of your choice. Mount the cartridge in the finished hole and connect the wiring Finished mirror, but still without light bulbs Making surethat no other wires come in contact with others. If a lamp does not work, check the wiring. You may have to swap the wires. If everything is good with this connection, you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Our stylish Hollywood make-up mirror is ready, you can use and enjoy the result!

    Precautions and tips:

    • Make a smaller version of the mirror to hang it above the pedestal on which to place the makeup.
    • You can use several fuses, with their help, the work of light bulbs can last significantly.
    • It is better not to allow small children to such a mirror!
    • Use LED bulbs. Less heat, more energy savings, longer life
    • It is better to use fluorescent light bulbs.
    • Add a diameter meter, a device to adjust the brightness of the light emitted by incandescent bulbs or LEDs.

    If you use ordinary incandescent bulbs, then they will be very, very hot, so be careful! Other design options are also possible, for example, to paint the frame in silver or gold. Makeup mirrors in red or black look very stylish. See more design options.