We make gentle and romantic lace earrings with our own hands, which perfectly match the evening dress

We make gentle and romantic lace earrings with our own hands, which perfectly match the evening dress

Decorations made of lace look very gentle andunusual. Many designers use such jewelry in their collections, because such an accessory is able to make any outfit more refined and romantic, whether it's an ordinary T-shirt or a leather jacket-scythe. How to use a piece of lace and glue PVA to make gentle and romantic earrings, which will fit well into the evening room. Photo №1 Today you can buy such jewelry in manyjewelry stores, but it is much more interesting and cheaper to create them yourself. Moreover, it can be done quite simply and quickly. To make earrings from lace you will need:

  • piece of lace
  • pair of earrings and rings
  • cooPVA
  • water
  • brush
  • scissors.

Making such earrings begins with the fact thatfrom the piece of lace you need to cut out a suitable pattern. If you want to make earrings, then try to cut two equally identical pieces so that they symmetrically look on the ears. Lace for such ornaments can be taken from old unnecessary things or purchased at any fabric store. After the lace will be cut out you needprepare a solution, which they will be processed. To do this, mix the PVA glue and water in equal proportions and mix thoroughly. Now, with the help of a brush, gently slip lace pieces. It should be ensured that the threads get wet, but not too much glue accumulates. With this solution, the lace will acquire additional stiffness, so that they will look more effectively in the finished product. Good smeared pieces should be left until the glue dries completely. After the glue dries, you can startassembling earrings. If you see excess pieces of glue, just gently clean them with your hands. PVA after drying becomes transparent, so it is not visible on the fabric, but the remnants outside the lace may not look very attractive. When the laces are fully prepared, take the rings and thread them into the lace. Then with the help of rings fix the laces on the earrings. Here are such delicate and unusual earrings turned out. If desired, they can be decorated with a small amount of beads or rhinestones.