Making an inscription on the pillow with your own hands- master class

Making an inscription on the pillow with your own hands- master class

He constantly complains that you occupy himhalf a bed? Or you can not prove that this half is yours? Painted pillowcases with the words HIS and HER will help to solve this problem in a beautiful and original way. And even if such situations do not arise, they are wonderfully suitable for decorating your bed and bedroom, or as decorating the bedroom of the newlyweds. Inscriptions can be made in Russian, English, orany language you understand, the main thing is that the meaning remains the same. We will use paint, with which they can be easily washed in a typewriter, so that at this time you can stock up on a similar replacement kit, for example, MR + MRS. The content of the article:

Materials used:

  • A set of linen with two white pillowcases
  • Adhesive stencil
  • Stationery knife
  • Working surface
  • Acrylic paint for fabric (can be purchased at any store for creativity)
  • Paint thinner
  • Brushes
  • Small paint mixing tanks
  • Cardboard

Step by step production:

Step 1: Cut the Stencil

  • To create a stencil, you initially need to write the text with the font you like on the computer (we chose the rounded shapes) and insert arrows there.
  • Then print it all on adhesive paper and cut it with a stationery knife.
  • TIP: If you do not have adhesive paper, you can use plain paper or cardboard and film. In this case, type the words and arrows on paper, transfer them to the film (put under the film and circle) and cut. Step 2: Protecting the Pillowcase By putting the inscription on one side of the paint, it cango and on the other, ruining the pillowcase. To prevent this from happening, put a piece of thick cardboard in the middle of the pillowcase, from under the box. Now for the pillow case you can be calm, and it will be much more convenient to paint on a solid surface. Step 3: Fasten Stencil

    • If your stencil is on adhesive paper, then simply remove the protective layer and carefully paste the label onto the pillowcase.
    • If you made a stencil on a conventional film, then firmly attach it to the pillowcase with double-sided tape.

    ATTENTION! The tightness of the stencil to the pillowcase ensures the quality of painting, so that the paint is applied to the cuts of the stencil, and not flowed under them and spread. Step 4: Mix the colors

  • Mix acrylic paint with a solvent in the ratio of 2: 1. It will make it a little lighter, but it will give subtleties.
  • As a solvent for such a paint, you can use not only a special store solution, but also water, since it is itself water based.
  • It is possible to do without solvent at all, but you still need to pour the paint into a small vessel before work, and from there you can collect it when painting.
  • Do not forget to close the jars of paint, as the acrylic paint in the open form dries quickly and deteriorates. Step 5: Paint through the stencil Quickly and accurately paint over the stencil. With a light touch, apply paint to each area once, that is, do not return to the same area twice. If you press the brush too hard, the paint can flow under the stencil and spoil all your efforts. After painting is finished, rinse the brushes quickly if you want to use them again in the future, because then the paint will dry out and it will be very difficult to do. Step 6: Gently Remove Stencil Carefully peel off after applying paint.stencil from pillowcase. In order not to hook and not smudge itself, it is better to find yourself an assistant who will firmly hold the pillowcase while you unstick the stencil. Note that the paint has not dried yet. Step 7: Fixing the label

  • Let the paint dry for 24 hours,
  • and then, to firmly fix it, iron the pillowcase, as the acrylic paint is fixed with heat.
  • Now you can sleep on these pillowcases, you can also erase them without fear of spoiling the inscription, because it keeps well and securely.

    Inscription marker on a pillow / pillowcase

    Also, instead of the paint, you can use a marker on the fabric. The technique is the same as using acrylic paint. Do not forget to dry during the day and iron iron!

    Drawing without stencil

    If you have certain skillsdrawing and confident in their abilities, then you can safely do without a stencil. You will also need to put the cardboard in a pillowcase, but then immediately begin to draw. This will turn out much faster, as stencil making takes a significant part of the time from all the work. You can also use any natural stamp - for example, leaves, flowers. Be creative with pleasure and enjoy pleasant and sweet dreams on beautiful self-made pillowcases!