We knit man's hats with knitting needles for all seasons by photo MK (scheme)

We knit man's hats with knitting needles for all seasons by photo MK (scheme)


A beautiful knitted man's hat, has become unchangedThe subject of the wardrobe of any modern man. Linking an interesting model with your own hands is not difficult. In our time there are a large number of sources for choosing the style, pattern and material. The most popular schemes are located at well-known sites for needlework. There are also photos, video master-class on knitting of any knitted accessories, including such as a man's hat with knitting needles. It's nice to please your loved ones with a product that you have tied up with your own hands.

Men's Winter Knitted Caps Hats

Winter headdresses for men - the mostNecessary element of winter clothing. For a warm male hat, about 100 g of wool or half wool yarn will be required. The desired length of the thread is not less than 200 m in the skein. You will also need
The size of 3.5 and 4.
For a good fit, you need to correctlyCalculate the density of knitting and the amount of pet. For the typing edge. You need to first connect a sample size of 10 by 10 cm, and calculate the number of pet. According to your size of head. For example, at you in 10 sm it has turned out 20 loops, and at the size of a head of 57 sm it is necessary to type 114 loops taking into account rapport of a pattern drawing. You can knit on circular knitting needles or with a seam.
After tying the right amount of loops, the elastic should be tied with thinner knitting needles. Then, according to the pattern of the main pattern, you can switch to thicker knitting needles.
This man's cap is connected by a fairly simple pattern: an elastic band of 2 facial and four purlins.

The knitted man's cap happens every possibleStyles. For example, a hat-binie or a hat-bag. Such caps can be connected across the product using shortened rows. The style and selection of yarn depends on the customer's desire and advice given by the master.
The photo shows the styles of hats most popular among young people.

Any model can be "beat" due to textureYarn or application of the original pattern. A description of the work can be found on the Internet or magazines on needlework. Time to make such a cap does not go very much. An experienced craftsman will tie her up in one or two evenings.

Also for winter you can tie your hands togetherA hat with ear flaps. This male hat matches, beginning with the "ears". Then the occipital part is knitted and then, after the required number of loops, around the circle is knit like a regular cap.

The original solution for cold winter days can be a hat-helmet.
It is quite easy to knit. Thread select the shade you like 100% wool, 200 g. The length of the thread in the skein is 190 m. First it is typed on the circular needles of 105 pcs and is knitted with an elastic band of 3 persons. For 2 of us. Loops. To connect in a circle not less than 10 cm. A detailed description of the knitting pattern will be demonstrated by a photo master-class.

The basic principle in tying out such a model is to calculate the number of nets correctly. For tight fitting of the head. You can modify this product in different ways, depending on your "fantasy".

Spring Men's Hat

For spring, you can tie a man's cap from moreThin and bright threads. Models are also of different styles and colors. The description of the schemes can be found in the video lessons posted on Internet resources. The cap shown on the photo - the sock is knitted from half-woolen thread. You type the necessary number of loops, then in a circle, bind 2 r. Internally smooth and 5 rows of facial, then the cap knits an openwork pattern to the desired height. The pattern of an openwork pattern can be selected at your choice. Then at the correct height of 28 cm we begin to close the eyelets. The total number of loops is divided into 8 "wedges" and in each 2nd row on both sides of the "wedge" we sew 2 pips together until there are 12 sts left on the spoke. Then we tighten these loops with a working thread.

Video: Hat - Bini for Spring

Autumn man's hat

For autumn, you can choose models of autumn men'sCaps of more pastel colors and using yarn of fine wool. The scheme and description of the patterns are selected at the discretion of the needlewoman. You can also knit without a seam and with a seam.

Watch the master classes and video lessons on knittingMen's hats. The principle of knitting hats for all seasons is the same and depends only on the fashion trends and skill of the master. The main rule is correct support of threads and spokes, as well as a clear calculation of the number of loops for shaping the headdress. The depth of planting and the length of the cap depends on the model you select.
One of the important factors in choosing capsMale is the age of the one on whom the cap is made to match. Knitted crocheted knitted hats can fit at any age, but should match the style that a man has chosen for himself. Each master can find a master class in order to connect the model he likes with his own hands. Beginners and experienced needlewomen can share their ideas in forums on needlework. It is there that you can find the most original and creative models of hats for all occasions.
Knitting is not only a pleasant, but also a useful hobby. Any your idea turns into a unique thing that will warm you and your loved ones. Come up with new and unique styles, taking as a basis the classic styles of men's hats. Perhaps it is your idea that will become a fashion trend this season. Any needlewoman is pleased when her work was appreciated.

Video: Hat with a pattern "Zigzag"