Men's Knitting Knitting Patterns, Knitting Pullovers for Men Schemes, Knitting Patterns for Men's Pullover Schemes, Men's Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Men's Knitting Knitting Patterns, Knitting Pullovers for Men Schemes, Knitting Patterns for Men's Pullover Schemes, Men's Knitting Patterns for Beginners

We knit a men's pullover from melange yarnMost men love democratic things. In this article we offer your attention a master class on knitting that is simple in making a model that will become much more impressive and original if you use melange threads in the process. However, when making a choice, be sure to take into account the wishes of the person to whom this item is meant. It will not be difficult to tie this pullover and it will not take long. Elegant men's pullover with knitting needles. Photo №1 In terms of complexity, making this pullovertakes the second place out of five possible. The instruction we offer is for XL size. To obtain information for other sizes, it is necessary to take as a basis the given data, taking into account the density of knitting. To make a pullover, you will need:

  • 0.75 kg of yarn, like the color;
  • knitting needles (Straight # 5 and circular # 4,5).

Determine the density of binding: part of the product, measuring 10 cm x 10 cm, will correspond to seventeen loops to twenty-five rows. We are determined with the technique of knitting: in the manufacturing process we will use such patterns: an elastic band "two by two" - in the rows of facial loops we make two LPs (face loops), two purl loops. We do the repetition. Also we use the facial smooth surface. LP do in the front rows, purl loops in the rows of the purlins respectively. Pattern pullover. Elegant men's pullover with knitting needles. Photo # 2 We make details of the product We knit the backrestNinety loops need to be typed on straight (or circular) spokes, the number of which is 4,5. 8 centimeters need to be tied with an elastic band, but you need to start from the purl loop. Then start working with spokes number five. We distribute the loops. Forty-six loops in the middle and further knit with an elastic band, twenty-two loops (here it is necessary to consider the size of your product, since the number of loops will be different) from both sides we knit the facial smoothness. So do until you tie the forty-two centimeters of the product. Then you need to close from each side on 4 loops, through the row - 2 more times, 2 times through the row to close another for the 1st. We begin to make the throat when the armholes along the length will be twenty centimeters. Elegant men's pullover with knitting needles. Picture №3 Before this, it is necessary to close the central twentysix loops. After that, we create all the details separately. 2 times through the row you need to close one loop from the inside of the edge. All other eyelets should be closed after a part of the product is formed twenty-two centimeters high. We knit the front part We knit the front side of the article by analogy with the back. However, in this case a strip of mating is planned with a smooth surface, and also a throat should be slightly deeper. We pay special attention to these differences. After completing two centimeters from the edge of the armhole, we knit five centimeters with the smooth surface, then we make an elastic band on the central forty-six loops. Thus we work until the length of the armhole reaches thirteen centimeters. And after that we create eighteen medium loops. Next, we knit all the parts separately. 6 times through the row we produce the removal of one eyelet from the inside of the product. Those eyelets that have remained should be closed when the distance from the armhole reaches twenty-two centimeters. Elegant men's pullover with knitting needles. Photo №4 We knit sleeves We also knit on knits(No. 4,5). It is necessary to collect forty-four loops. The pattern of "rubber band" should be connected 8 centimeters, from the underside we do the repetition of "gum" on the back part and transfer. Then we make the replacement of the spokes for No. 5. We sew fourteen loops in the middle with a rubber band, and 15 stitches from all directions are knit by the surface. At the same time you need to get the eyelets. Four times one loop is knitted every 8 rows, and 11 times a loop on both sides. They, of course, are made smooth. After tying forty-nine loops, you need to close the six loops. Next, the loop will be closed, alternating through a row. Once you need to close 3 loops, then 2 loops - 10 times. Then close 3 more loops. Those loops that remain after the reduction is to be closed simultaneously. Elegant men's pullover with knitting needles. Photo №5 We collect and remove the pullover Before we goto assembly of the product, you need to lay out a pullover over the pattern and put a damp cloth on top. Then dry it. Next, we sew the stitches of the pullover at the sides. Then we work on the neck. With the help of circular knitting need to dial the loops, which were laid on the front. Next you need to dial seventy more loops. The pattern of "rubber band" is eight centimeters. Then it is necessary to sew a collar. And only then we proceed to join the product at the seams in the shoulders and sleeves. The latter need to be sharpened. All! Our pullover is complete!