Male scarf with knitting needles: knitting by master class (photo and video)

Male scarf with knitting needles: knitting by master class (photo and video)


In the world there is no better gift than the one that wasCreated by own hands. Therefore, today we want you to please your father, husband or brother and make an exclusive and beautiful stylish men's scarf with knitting needles specially for him.

Male accessory with a relief pattern

To tie a scarf with a relief ornament you will need:

  • 2 coils of 100 g each;
  • A pair of spokes;
  • Mhema and decoding to it:
  • "O" - edge loop;
  • "Δ" - the front loop;
  • "+" Is the wrong loop.

While knitting a man's scarf, we will use some abbreviations, as well as conventional conventions:

  • Eyelets - p .;
  • ranks - p .;
  • Edge - chrome;
  • Facial - persons;
  • purl - PHI .;
  • "*" - the repetition of the scheme of actions from the first * to the last *.

If we knit a scarf, put on a jacket, then hisLength should be about 100 cm. But, since now most men prefer to wind scarfs over outerwear, we will show you how to tie a scarf 170 cm long and 25 cm wide.
Fundamentals of knitting technology for beginners. Traditionally, our small master class for beginners, we begin with a set of loops. We knit any number of loops, the main thing so that it is divided into 10. In addition, we type on the knitting needles 2 more chrome. Next we knit strictly according to the scheme. Crom., * Persons. - 5 pcs, purl - 5 pcs. * At the end we perform one more chrome. Etc. The second river. We knit on the pattern. And in each subsequent ryadochke move the pattern by 1 p. Such repeating patterns are considered the most simple. Cope with them without problems can even beginner skilled. The picture below shows how 10 rubles look, five of which are strictly according to the scheme.

This photo shows a part of the pattern, whichConstantly repeated. Carefully looking at the diagram, you will see that there it is marked with arrows. A man's scarf for beginners is knitted according to the scheme until the knitted article grows to 170 cm. After that, you can close the n.

The knitted scarf looks very nice and stylish. It will undoubtedly become a wonderful gift for a loved one, a relative or a close friend!
Video: Learning to knit a scarf on needles

Original Scarf Model

The second model of the man's scarf, about which we want to tell you, is also decorated with a relief pattern, but despite this, it is still fundamentally different from the first.
Model is presented in the form of horizontal stripes, with the creation of which can easily be handled and a beginner knitter.

So, in order to tie this scarf, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • A pair of knitting needles in a circle;
  • Thread - 200 g;
  • A similar description of the knitting pattern, as well as a great mood.

The length of the finished man's scarf madeWith their hands will be approximately 260 cm, and width - 11. During the description of technical nuances of knitting patterns, some common abbreviated signs will be used, so beginners need to study them in advance:

  • N. - loops;
  • R. - ryadochki;
  • Persons. - facial;
  • Out. - izn-e. P.

Let's get to work:

  • Type exactly 460 points on spokes;

  • Tie 1, 3, 5, 7, and also 9 r. According to the following scheme: 3 people, 6 persons., 2 purl. - repeat until the total number of loops on the spokes is equal to 9. After this, you need to link 6 more persons., 3 of them;
  • Ryadochki No. 2, 4, 6 and 8 are knitted according to another scheme: persons. - 3 pieces, * 6 purl, 2 persons. *. The pattern from * and to * is repeated until the number of loops reaches 9. Then 6 more are sewn. And 3 persons;
  • In 10, 12, 14 and 16 rivers. The knitting pattern changes again: now you need to alternate the two. And 2 persons. The last 5 items are closed as follows: 2 persons ./3 on the last;
  • R. Nos. 11, 13, 15, 17: are knitted according to the scheme described in clause # 4;
  • No. 18, 20, 22, 24: 3 persons., 2 dep., 2 facial, 6 purl. We alternate the loops 2/6 until their number is equal to 7. After that, close: 2 persons. / 2 people / 3 persons;
  • 19, 21, 23, 25 p. Are knitted according to the scheme described in clause 6. The last 7 clauses are closed as follows: purl - 2 pcs / front - 2 pcs / purl 3 pcs .;
  • A man's scarf with an unusual relief pattern is almost ready. It remains only to close the last row in accordance with the pattern chosen by us;
  • Ready-made crocheted product should be slightly dampened, neatly spread and dried.

Video: Scarf with a pearl pattern

A man's scarf with an English rubber band

This model of a knitted man's scarf will definitely appeal to all novice craftsmen. After all, in order to tie such a scarf it is enough to simply get acquainted with the pattern called
The main advantage of English gum in itsSimplicity and unobtrusive elegance. Due to the fact that each rug is tied, as if in two stages the product turns out to be two-sided, very soft and incredibly pleasant to the touch.
To connect the handsome and bright male
You will need:

  • Spokes;
  • Yarn - 350-400 g for the product, the length of which is approximately 1.5 - 2 m.

Yarn color can be any. Starting from classic black or gray and ending with a brighter burgundy or blue.

Let's move from theory to practice and associate a fashionable male accessory:

  • Type the desired number of spokes on the spokes. So that their number is a multiple of 3, plus 2 more edge;
  • In the first row alternate 1 facial with a loop removed with a crochet;
  • When forming the second rally, remove the previously removed loop with the cap over the front. After that, remove one more loop with a crochet;
  • Repeat the alternating rows until the knitted fabric grows to the size you need;
  • At the end it is necessary to close the knitting, and hide the tip of the thread.

A nice warm male scarf is ready! He is bound by his own hands, which means he carries a piece of warmth and care that will warm even into the fierce cold!
We hope that our small training masterClasses have helped you master the most popular and simple patterns used in knitting men's scarves. And now you with pleasure will please your relatives and relatives with an incredibly beautiful and stylish new thing!

Video: Scarf with braids