To make origami figure of a bunny, modular technique, the circuit and the detailed description will help you

To make origami figure of a bunny, modular technique, the circuit and the detailed description will help you

Origami bunny figures, modular technique,is a great way to attract children to this kind of creativity. The desire to get a good result trains attention and assiduity. Origami - this is the best way to develop motor skills and thought processes. Tips for assembling bunny Origami bunny figures, modular technique, can be made from office paper. To build the head and legs you need triangular white modules in the number of 402 pieces. Color modules simultaneously become a trunk and a sweater for the figure. The clothes consist of 120 pieces. Directly to create an attractive sweater, you can use 48 modules of yellow and blue and 24 blue blanks. Begin work is necessary, guided by this scheme. Origami bunny figures, modular technique. Photo №1 The assembly of the first and second rows is made fromblanks of white color, by creating a chain and closing it into a ring. The third row is performed by assembling the modules in a checkerboard pattern. The resulting ring is turned to make the part remind the shape of the bowl. For the fourth row, blanks of blue color are taken. They should be fixed above the line of white modules to create a simulation of clothing. From the color modules, assembly is carried out inclusive on the eighth row. It is necessary to collect the head of the bunny with extreme caution, since the strength of the connection is acquired only when performing the third row. Therefore, special skill must be shown when assembling 1-2 rows. When creating this part of the shape, the modules are inserted inwards with a long side. See the diagram. Origami bunny figures, modular technique. Photo # 2 On the ninth row of the assembly there must be 24 pieces. The tenth row is increased by 6 elements. In total, when assembling the head, it is necessary to do:

  • 1 row of 24 elements;
  • 7 rows of 30 elements.

To give the head a round shape, the modules are brought together. The subsequent assembly is carried out according to this scheme. Origami bunny figures, modular technique. Picture №3 To form the eyelet, take 6 blanks,fasten them with the short side to the outer direction. The number of modules in the second row is reduced by 1. In the third, we return to 6 elements. With this alternation we continue to collect up to the eighth row. Only on the eighth and ninth rows we narrow the eyelet to 4 modules. From the first eyelet on the head, you need to make a pass to one module and begin assembling the second ear. Elements such as eyes, pens, collars and muzzle are made separately and are glued to the main figure. It turns out a very funny origami bunny, as in this photo. Origami bunny figures, modular technique. Photo №4 For the manufacture of handles a rectangle is enough2x3. To the hands combined with the color of the clothes of the figure, it is necessary to glue a monophonic strip on them on one side. The white side should be slightly rounded. Tender bangs give a touch to the bunny. This is easy to do by notching a piece of paper with fringe and twisting the ends with a pencil. Elements of hands and bangs are either simply inserted between the modules, or glued. Beautiful toys, collected in the technique of origami, give joy to all adults. And the kids are simply delighted with them. Let some children find it difficult to comprehend the technique of assembling the rows because of their age, but each child will be able to take part in the preparation of modules of different colors.